Winix C545 vs C555: Which one is the better Air Purifier?

Winix is a top manufacturer that has made some quality air purifiers over the past few years, but the different options out there can make the ultimate choice quite confusing, particularly when they are very closely related.

If you’re also in the market for a Winix air purifier the C545 and the C555 are excellent choices and are separated by little differences. Let’s put Winix C545 vs C555 head to head and see which one comes out on top.

Winix C545 Vs C555 – The Comparison

In short, the Winix C555 brings 5 stage filtration, a remote controller, and a dedicated timer button on the control panel. In contrast, the Winix C545 lacks the anti-bacterial treatment but brings the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to monitor and control your air purifier from your smartphone screen.

The other differences are mostly aesthetic and we’ll dive deep into the specifics for you, so you understand what each purifier brings to the table in terms of purification power.
WInix has carefully positioned each purifier for very different users.

The C545 is more inclined towards users looking for an air purifier for their smart home. The Wi-Fi capability allows it to be hooked up to your smart devices allowing remote control.

On the other hand, the C555 has a more practical approach and introduces a physical timer option in the front panel, allowing for complete control from the front panel. These selections make the Winix C555 more suited to an office or a clinic where smart functionality isn’t needed and the user base is changing throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a Winix purifier for a medical facility then the C555 is easily the better choice, thanks to the Winix CleanCel Technology the purifier brings the anti-bacterial treatment of air, which acts as the 5th stage of filtration.

Winix C545 Vs C555 – The Similarities

The Winix C545 vs. C555 debate is interesting as the C545 offers very similar features at a discounted price tag. Here are all the similarities between the two models:

Washable Fine Mesh Carbon Pre-filter:

This washable carbon filter is designed to remove larger particles from the air. Such particles include hair, pollen, lint, and cat fur hair.

Including activated carbon in the filters allows both air purifiers to tackle most odors and smoke that can spread across the home. You can stop worrying about household VOCs and any other smell with the C545 or the C555.

True-HEPA Filters:

These filters are capable of trapping allergens. A HEPA filter can filter out particulate matter from the air down to a size of 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency.

A True HEPA filter takes this number further up by filtering even smaller particles with even greater accuracy, taking the number to 99.99%.

Both the Winix air purifiers feature the True HEPA filter.

PlasmaWave Technology:

Winix’s proprietary Plasmawave technology makes the cut in both the Winix C545 and the Winix C555 Air Purifier. It allows the air purifiers to release negative ions into the air that attach themselves to airborne contaminants, making them too heavy to stay airborne.

Plasmawave acts as an extra stage of filtration and features on both Winix models.


Both Winix C545 and C555 have an auto mode button. The automatic mode adjusts the speed of the air purifier depending upon the air quality of the surroundings. This is done using dual smart sensors that detect air quality.

In highly polluted air, the speed of the fan will adjust at the highest speed. As the air contaminants are removed, the speed will automatically be reduced. This allows for autonomous function and ensures a clean supply of air at all times.

Sleep Mode:

Both air purifiers can switch into sleep mode where the fan speed is reduced and noise is minimal. This feature gets activated automatically as soon as the surrounding becomes darker.

Sleep mode also saves energy while operating quietly. When the air purifier operates at this mode, the air quality indicator is turned off ensuring a lights-out mode that creates a non-intrusive atmosphere.

Air Quality Sensors:

Winix C545 and C555 have in-built sensors that can detect the quality of air. These sensors also monitor the air quality and help in operation according to it. Alterations in the surrounding air or the closed room are displayed on the air quality sensor indicator.

Light Sensors:

Both of these models have light sensors. This means both of these can adjust the brightness of LED lights depending upon the air condition. The light sensors also allow the air cleaners to switch on the sleep mode.

Winix C545 Vs C555 – The Differences

The two models of air purifier’s Winix C555 and C545 have some different features. The Winix C555 on its control panel has a timer button, whereas Winix C545 doesn’t have it. This feature of Winix C555 makes it easy for the user to specify operation time.

Users can set the timer such as 1 hour, 8 hours, or 4 hours. For example, if you set the timer on 1 hour, the air purifier will begin to purify air after every one hour.

Winix C545 also does not have a remote control system. But the Winix C555 model comes with a remote controller that can operate efficiently within a circle of 40-foot diameter. With the remote control system, the user can control the unit working and adjust it on auto-mode. The remote control system also helps to regulate the fan speed of the air purifier from a distance.

One of the benefits of Winix C545 vs C555 is that Winix C545 is connectable with WIFI and has smartphone apps compatibility. Winix C555 has the drawback that it is not WIFI enabled. It is also not compatible with smartphones or apps. Thus, only Winix 545 among these two models is easily controlled remotely with the help of the Winix mobile phone App.

Winix 545 enables the user to remotely do the following via their mobile, or smartphone:

  • Set a suitable timer or change timer for how frequently the air purifier will run
  • Set a schedule for operation of air purifier
  • Monitor the outdoor and indoor air quality too.
  • Switch on extra features or modes like the auto mode or sleep mode.
  • These features of Winix C545 make it more compatible, durable, reliable, and the best choice to choose.

Winix C555 Vs C545 – Comparison Table

FeaturesWinix C545Winix C555
Hepa FiltersYesYes
Carbon FilterYesYes
Washable Pre-filterYesYes
Filtration Stage4 stage filtration5 stage filtration
Timer ButtonNoYes
Cigarette Odor RemovalYes Yes
Coverage360 sq. ft. 360 sq. ft.
Anti-bacterial TreatmentNo Yes
Germs RemovalYes Yes
Energy Consumption Efficacy65 watts70 watts
Sound Controlling SystemYesYes
Filter Replacing Option and ReminderYesYes
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Winix C555 Vs C545: Combined Features

  • Detect airborne particles, germs, and pollutants
  • Remove VOCs,
  • Operates quietly
  • Removes mold
  • Traps allergens
  • Remove pollen, pet dander, and smoke
  • Get rid of dust mites

Winix C545 Additional Features

  • Smart sensors
  • Alexa compatible
  • No O3 emission (ozone emission)
  • Light-weight design (11.5 pounds weight)
  • Wifi-enabled
  • Smartphone compatible

Winix C555 Additional Features

  • Remote controller
  • Dedicated Timer Button
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment

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PlasmaWave Purifying Technology of Winix

Winix PlasmaWave technology has allowed Winix air purifier models to stand tall against the competition for quite some time now and it further improves the efficiency of the HEPA air purifier against airborne pollutants.

The added filtration steps bump up the efficiency against particulate matter to 99.99%. PlasmaWave filtration stage releases negative ions into the indoor air that cling onto the airborne pollutants. This makes them too heavy to stay airborne.

The inclusion of PlasmaWave acts as the 4th stage of filtration and makes both the C545 and C555 excellent all-rounders.

Winix advertises the purification stage as safe and adds that the hydrogen ions from the pollutant molecule are removed and released as water in the form of moisture to the surroundings.

Honorable Mention: Winix C535

If you’re buying an air purifier for the first time and don’t want anything too fancy with added features, then the C535 is something you can consider. It brings the same clean air delivery rate as the 545 and the 5500-2 (555) and covers a similar 360 sq. ft. of space.

So which is better? C535 or the C545?

In the Winix C535 vs C545 debate, the C545 comes out of the top, thanks to a better and more efficient activated carbon filter, dual smart sensors, Wi-fi connectivity, and an extra stage of filtration.

The C535 was replaced by the C545 and brought these extra features but the C535 still holds good as a decent, large room air purifier. If you’re not interested in fancy, flashy features like Wi-fi and remote controlling capabilities then the C535 brings comparable performance at a discounted price tag.

Which Winix Model to Get?

Winix has been making some of the best air purifiers out there but if you’re confused between the different models from the manufacturer, you’re not alone.

You now have all the information you’ll need to choose between C555 and C545 and we hope this guide clarified any confusion you had about the C500 and C5000 series.

You can find a detailed analysis of 5300-2 vs 5500-2. If you just want an entry-level air purifier that doesn’t bring advanced protection against airborne contaminants or odors then the 5300-2 can be an excellent option for you.

For a little extra money, you can get the 5500-2 that brings the ease of an activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter, and the convenience of remote control. 5500-2 also brings smart sensors that can detect and tackle VOCs efficiently, making it one of the best options out there. 5500-2 is the rebranded version of the C555, the former being sold by Winix directly and the latter being a Costco exclusive.

As for the Winix C555 and C545, you can opt for the C545 for convenient features like smart control and compatibility with smart assistants like Alexa. On the other hand, C555 offers anti-bacterial capabilities and a timer that can automatically turn off the purifier after a certain time.

The inclusion of anti-bacterial properties makes the C555 an excellent option for use in medical facilities and for people with severe allergies but it lacks the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and hence there is no smart assistant compatibility either.

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The Winix 545 vs C555 debate was a difficult one to settle, but it all boils down to how you intend to use the air purifier and how much you’re ready to pay for it.

The C545 brings smart functions and can be connected to smart assistants in the home for a seamless experience, but lack a physical timer button. Its 4 stage filtration system is effective and the purifier can also be linked to the Winix smart app. Making it ideal for home use.

Users that are looking for a 5 stage air purifier, can select the Winix C555 air purifier. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms and can remove bacteria, pathogens, overall germs up to 99.9%. It does not need a WiFi connection and operates with a remote control system at a range of 20 feet making it ideal for office or clinic settings.

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