Winix Air Purifier Red Light

Winix air purifiers have always been commended for their air purifying prowess and rightly so, Winix has new excellent models on offer. But if your Winix air purifier is displaying a red light and has got you worried, you’re in the right place.

Most Winix Air Purifiers come equipped with specialized sensors and chances are the Winix red light is not a big problem. In this article, we’ll cover the red light on your favorite Winix Air Purifiers and will squash any misconceptions you may have regarding the red light.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What does Winix Red Light Say?

Winix Plasmawave air purifier red light is a symbol of poor air quality in your surroundings. If the light does not change within a few minutes then this red light is a clear call to change your filters.

The Winix air quality indicator works on its in-built sensors that change color on the basis of detecting VOC contamination in the space. It is essential to incorporate an AQI in an air purifier to assure the user that it’s working rightly.

The system is designed to show red light after detecting 1-3 mg/mᶟ of volatile organic compounds in the room. Winix plasma wave red light is based on the VOC scale.

Level1 (Acceptable) – 0.3-0.5 mg/mᶟ

Level 2 (Borderline) – Above 0.5 mg/mᶟ

Level 3 (Poor) – 1-3 mg/mᶟ

If it’s Blinking…

After only a few months you might be in the same situation as us where you will be left to search for the query, why is my air purifier blinking?

If you see your Winix air purifier’s red light blinking, consider changing its filters. The dirty filters put a lot of pressure on the unit and compromise its filtration, hence, it shows a red light as a reminder to replace the filters.

After you are done with replacing the filters, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds to turn the red light off. Besides cleaning the pre-filter after every 14 days, for best results, replace it once a year. However, it totally depends on the air quality of the environment you are living in.

How to Clean Winix Air Purifier?

Before proceeding to replace the filters, first thoroughly clean the unit inside out. It is best to only clean it with simple water with a temperature not exceeding 104°F. The whole process is simple and the same for all Winix models. However, do remember that only the pre-filter and AOC carbon filter are washable.


Pre-filters, though permanent, can be changed if damaged or notice a change in air quality. If you have maintained your unit well, a vacuum or a soft brush will do your thing. However, if there’s a lot of dirt, rinse it under lukewarm water.

Never, we repeat, never use any detergent or soap on it. The pre-filter should be left out for at least 24 hours before fitting back in. The need to clean it totally depends on your surrounding air quality; generally, it needs cleaning after every 14 days.

AOC Carbon Filter

AOC carbon filter generally should be cleaned after every 3 months and needs a replacement once a year. Like the pre-filter, it should be washed in lukewarm water only. Dry the filters for 24 hours properly before putting them back.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are not washable and need a replacement after every 12 months. They turn from grey to black. Always get a genuine filter for the best purification results.


To begin, clean the exterior and the sensor with a damp clean cloth. Proceed to the interior body and use a good vacuum cleaner. Wipe off the remaining dust with a damp cloth. Before using the unit again, remove all the moisture with a dry cloth.

How to Change Winix Filter?

Filters are indeed an important component of an air purifier and should be changed regularly. The red light on the Winix air purifier is a reminder to change the filters. You can replace the Winix filter by following the mentioned steps:

  • Detach the unit from the main socket.
  • Unscrew the front panel and remove the pre-filter, followed by the carbon and HEPA filter.
  • Wash the pre-filter and carbon filter and replace the HEPA filter.
  • When you place them back in the same order, make sure the arrows on the HEPA filter are pointing toward the air purifier.
  • Close the panel and plug it back in.
  • Find and press the filter reset button for 5 seconds to let the Winix air purifier flash red light off.

How to Reset Winix Air Purifier?

Reset your Winix Air purifier by holding on the filter reset button with a paper clip for 5 seconds. For Winix XQ hold the filter reset button for 10 seconds to turn the red light off.

Every air purifier needs to be reset after changing the filters. To reset your WI-FI, hold the WI-FI button for 5 seconds. This will make the system ready to use. Scroll down to know where you can find the filter reset button on your Winix model.

If it Stays Red

Winix air purifier red light meaning is pretty simple. It indicates that the surrounding air is heavily polluted and the unit is working at its maximum capacity to clean the air. Within few minutes depending on the environment, the indicator will change its color to amber or blue.

However, if it doesn’t then you need to let Winix support jump in because it is your sensor that’s malfunctioning.

Before contacting the team, you can first try your luck by turning off the auto mode and adjusting it at its highest speed for a few hours. At times, you can be lucky, and turning on/off your unit can fix the problem.

What does Winix Color Coding Say?

The Winix manual doesn’t say much about the coding. As the LED in air quality indicator goes from red (heavily polluted) to amber (moderately polluted) to blue (clean air), the fan speed slows down on auto mode. If it is not auto mode, you can manually adjust the fan speed. It is the same for all the air purifiers including 5300-2 and 5500-2.

If your air purifier is working fine, then you will notice change in color in few minutes to hours, depending on the air quality of your surroundings. The red light means the air purifier has detected a lot of contaminants in the air. Note that there are only a few models, which have green color in coding. Here’s a quick recap of the Winix color coding:

Color of Indicator LightAir QualityFan Speed
Green GoodMedium

Where is the Filter Reset Button?

The filter replacement indicator is a 3D square, where on its left side there is an arrow marking towards both the right and left. The filter reset button is usually located along the indicator but it may vary in some models. Some models are equipped with Alexa for better control over the unit.

Don’t worry we have got you covered! To save you from the hassle, we have summarized the location of the filter reset button along with the reference image of each Plasmawave Winix model currently available.

Winix ModelLocation of Filter Reset ButtonImage
Winix XQCheck the filter life buttonWinix XQ
Winix XLCNext to the Wi-Fi button on the rightWinix XLC
Winix AM80 / AM90Right to filter replacement indicatorWinix AM80 / AM90
Winix C535Between the light sensor and filter replacement indicatorWinix C535
Winix C545Next to the filter replacement indicator on the rightWinix C545
Winix HR900Between the fan speed indicator and filter replacement indicatorWinix HR900
Winix D360/ D480Below filter replacement indicatorWinix D360 / D480
Winix A230/ A231Left to filter replacement indicatorWinix A230 / A231
Winix 5300-2Left to the light sensorWinix 5300-2
Winix 5500-2Next to LEDWinix 5500-2

Final Thoughts

Winix, the king of all air purifiers, indeed offers a wholesome experience. However, at one point you might encounter troubleshooting issues with the unit. Winix air purifier flashing red light is one of the common problems people report. This is a must-feature to include an air purifier to stay updated on your filter life. Do not forget to press the reset button after replacing the filter.

We believe by the end of this article, you have fixed your unit; if not then it is best to contact customer support.