Medify MA-40 Air Purifier Full Guide for 2023

Medify has been producing quality air purifiers for quite some time and each iteration brings significant improvements over the outgoing model. The MA series is no different, it brings the best of Medify in an aesthetic package that is both effective and functional.

Medify has a large portfolio and making the right choice can be difficult, Medify MA-112, the MA-50, and the MA-40 are all great options for air quality issues, but which one offers the best value?

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  • Maximum Coverage up to 1,600 sq. ft. with 380 CADR
  • Trusted to remove 99.9% of harmful particles
  • 3-Stage H13 True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Ultra Quiet with min noise level of 46dB and max of 66dB
  • Sleek touch screen operation panel with 0-8 hour timer
  • Control Panel with fan speed, sleep mode, filter replacement indicator, and child lock
  • CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified
  • Backed by a USA registered Lifetime Warranty

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Medify MA-40 beautifully showcases the manufacturing prowess of Medify in a stylish package that can deliver a high CADR of 224 making it suitable for large rooms or halls. With the three-stage filtration and an innovative touch screen display up top, it is definitely worth considering at its given price.

This guide will help you understand the functioning of the Medify MA-40, its features, and what it brings to the table as a whole home/large room air purifier.

Medify MA-40 Specifications

Filtration TechnologyMechanical + Ion Based

⦁ Pre-filter
⦁ Activated Carbon filter

⦁ Optional
HEPA Class⦁ True HEPA H13
⦁ UV Disinfection + True HEPA H14
CADR⦁ Pollen: 380 m3/h
⦁ Dust 380 m3/h
⦁ Smoke: 380 m3/h
Controls⦁ Sleep mode
⦁ Child lock
⦁ Timer
⦁ Filter indicator
⦁ Night mode
Room Coverage⦁ 420 sq. ft. at every 15 minutes
⦁ 840 sq. ft. at every 30 minutes
⦁ 1,600 sq. ft. at every 60 minutes
Fan Speeds4
Noise46-66 dbA
Filter ReplacementAfter 4-5 months
Rated Power68 W
Dimensions9.9 in(W) x 10.9 in(D) x 22 in(H)
Weight15.6 lbs
  • Ozone-free ionizer: This optional control releases the ions that fuse to low-density particles pulling them down to the ground and taking an advanced step ahead in purifying the air.
  • HEPA Filter + UV disinfection: Along with UV disinfection to inactivate the foreign matter, the high-quality H13 filter ensures the removal of particles by 99.9% and upgraded H14 filter by 99.99% of 0.01 microns.
  • USA Registered and Certified: Medify MA-40 is a CARB, energy star, and ETL certified air purifier and further strengthens the trust by offering a lifetime warranty if.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The sleek design covered with tempered glass not only gives the air purifier a premium and complete look but also protects its sensitive touchpad.
  • Silent Operation: Medify MA-40 purifies air by 380 CADR with four adjustable fan speeds, the lowest being barely audible, ensuring sound sleep and a working environment.

Medify MA-40 for Different Conditions and Room Sizes

Before proceeding to the table, you must know that the stated data is obtained under strict conditions that are ideal for an air purifier. In practical situations, similar results can be expected.

ConditionAir Changes Per Hour (ACH)Coverage AreaThe time needed to Purify the Air
Normal11600 sq ft60 minutes
Allergens/ Asthmatics2840 sq ft30 minutes
Pathogens/ VOC’s4420 sq ft15 minutes
Medify MA-40 Test Results

Medify MA-40 – Features

Medify MA-40 and the MA-40 v2 bring all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a large room purifier. If you are looking for a cheaper option and don’t require the automatic functionality then the Medify MA-40 v2.0 newer version can be your go-to option.

Apart from the price difference in Medify MA-40 versus Medify MA-40 v2.0, the latter lacks the particle sensor as the recent tests showed that the feature is not much efficient for larger rooms as the air purifiers only register the air quality immediately around them and are needed for detecting the particles in the whole room.

It is surprising to see how Medify MA-40 has packed smart features of high-end purifiers at a small price. It automatically turns on the sleep mode with dimmable lights on the lowest fan speed setting to assure you can rest in peace and have a fulfilling sleep and the air quality sensor can detect harmful particles with ease.

The air purifier is also equipped with 0 to 8-hour timer settings so that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to switch it off.

The sleep mode will turn off on its own when there would be enough ambient light in the surrounding. More importantly, the 3 fan speed setting takes care of the continuous breeze of fresh air in the room itself depending on the air quality of the room.

It is not just this, Medify for the first time has introduced a child lock feature that can be enabled with a 3-5 sec long press on the button. However, it takes longer to disable it (30 to 45 seconds) so no pet or child can modify the settings.

Even though the Medify MA-40 filters aren’t washable, they can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. There is nothing to worry about as the air purifier features a filter replacement indicator that signals the need to replace the filter after every 4 to 5 months.


The premium finishing of the Medify MA-40 air purifier is what has caught the eyes of the majority. You can get Medify MA-40 in either single or twin packs in black or white color according to your need and the interior of your house.

Since Medify MA-40 lacks wheels, it stands on four solid feet so you won’t be bothered by any rumbling sound during operation. The air purifier is of just the right size and weight to be easily carried and moved. Here is a quick review of the Medify MA-40 look.


The top of the air purifier is finished and protected with tempered glass. For easy accessibility, the touch control panel as shown gives the option of child lock, a timer of 1h, 2h, 4h, and 8h., ionizer, and speed. There is also an LED filter replacement indicator at the top to remind you beforehand to replace the filter.

Medify MA-40 Top Voew


Behind this honeycomb pattern, there is a large air outlet to push out fresh air in the room. It has an air quality indicator to immediately report to you about your surrounding air quality, which is lacking in Medify MA-40 V2.0. In addition, there are small LED lights that turn on when the room is illuminated.


It is the side where the contaminated air is taken in and the air filters are replaced. The air filters are easily replaceable as all three come together in a single package. Along with a handle, there are magnets for convenience and an easy locking mechanism.


Medify MA-40 uses a 3 layer honeycomb-shaped filter with an optional ionizer, which provides an additional layer of protection. It usually lasts for 4 to 5 months (3,000 hours) depending on the settings, use, and indoor air quality.

Medify MA-40 Filters

The Medify MA-40 has:

Fine Mesh Pre-filter

Medify MA-40 kick starts its defense mechanism with the fine network of pre-filter. It filters out the large particles like fur, human hair, fibers, dust specks, and pet dander before the HEPA filter starts working. Do not forget to clean it after every 14 days to continue with the refreshing air.

True HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter)

Medify Air has opted for an H14 True HEPA filter. This boasts an efficiency level of the HEPA air purifier of 99.99% against harmful particles. The H13/H14 HEPA class is much better than the H11 filter, assuring ultra-purified air as it can trap microbes and other tiny airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns. The antibacterial and high-quality H14 filter is impeccable and is further amplified by UV light disinfection.

Substantial Carbon Filter

The carbon filter in Medify MA-40 is made up of carbon pellets and is useful in filtering toxic gases like VOCs including formaldehyde, tobacco, and smoke.

The use of activated carbon pallets instead of a single layer of activated carbon increases efficiency against smoke particles, household odors, and toxic odors, so you don’t have to worry about cooking smells or odors caused by pet dander.


The ozone-free ionizer gives out negatively charged particles, providing an extra layer of protection. This can not be counted as a mechanical filtration stage as they combine with and neutralize the positive ions, which include dander, dust, and pollen, making the air more breathable and fresh.

Performance Review: Medify MA-40 Versus Other Top Purifiers

After conducting a performance test of five top air purifiers in a 250 sq. ft room for an hour, Winix 5500-2 was able to beat the other options. However, we found Medify MA-40 is nothing less than the Winix 5500-2 considering the price difference and its advanced features.

Medify MA-40 showed remarkable statistics, all thanks to its superior filters and high CADR of 224 cfm. It strictly follows the standard guidelines of AHAM Official and passes the 220 cfm level with an overwhelming victory.

It purifies and cleanses the air contaminated with dust pollen, VOC or even pathogens by 99%, if an H13 filter is used, in an area of 420 sq. ft. at every 15 minutes, 840 sq. ft. at every 30 minutes, and 1,600 sq. ft. at every 60 minutes. It can consistently bring about 2X to 4X air changes per hour depending on the room size and fan speeds.

At its peak settings, Medify MA-40 not only has been awarded as one of the best air purifiers to bring down the contaminant levels but the Aerosol Laboratories and Intertek Assurance in a research have also declared it safe for removing respirable pathogens, which even includes COVID-19. The air purifier was tested against the MS2 variant in a 579 cu/ft room, adjusted at its highest performance.

During our research, we found that most people have appreciated its efficiency and build quality, especially its ability to eliminate pathogens and dust like a medical-grade air purifier should be.

While many are happy about every cent they have invested in, some have criticized it because of the hassle of finding the original Medify filters, which are expensive and usually hard to find. Some also didn’t like it as they found air quality sensors to be inefficient.

Air PurifiersMedify MA-40Levoit Vital 100Levoit Core 200SMedify MA-14
CADR224 cfm130 cfm109 cfm71 cfm
Filtration Stages3 + ionizer (optional)333
Coverage Area336 sq. ft195 sq. ft183 sq. ft106 sq. ft
For Pathogens99.92%97.12%86.13%89.43%
For Dust99.92%95.49%93.16%91.67%
For VOC’s99.92%95.49%96.89%90.16%
For Pollen99.92%98.43%96.89%91.67%
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Medify MA-40 Operation

During both our testing and research, we found Medify MA-40 to be energy efficient and reliable, especially when considering its quiet operation. Rated among the top air purifiers, Medify MA-40 is an energy-certified air purifier that runs on 68 watts at its highest settings and performance, avoiding any chance of energy wastage.

Equipped with three filters and additionally, the ionizer allows the air purifier to capture most of the particulate matter. Also, the simple yet appealing layout makes it easy to understand and operate.

The Medify is not the quietest but a low noise level of 26 dBA at its sleep mode is respectable for a purifier of this size and allows for a peaceful working environment or even sleep. However, at its highest fan speed setting, it produces noise of 66 dBA, which some find distracting.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Medify MA-40 V 2.0 better than Medify MA-40?

The air purifier you go for depends on your needs. Medify MA-40 is an older version, but expensive and equipped with an advanced automatic feature of sleep mode, light, and particle sensor, when compared to Medify MA-40 V 2.0.

When should you replace the filters on the Medify MA-40?

The filters should ideally be replaced after 3,000 hours or 3 to 4 months of usage.

Is Medify MA-40 ozone-free?

The ionizer, when turned on, produces negligible amounts of ozone, which as per CARB is harmless and can help clean air.

Is Medify air good for removing mold?

Medify MA-40 H14 filter can capture tiny airborne pollutants including PM2.5 particles, which also include mold spores.

Final Verdict

The Medify MA-40 is a competitive option from Medify that can cater to the needs of users looking for a large room/whole-home air purifier. The combination 3-in-1 air filter is great for all kinds of common air pollutants.

The air purifier is not for small bedrooms as you can find much cheaper options that can purify the indoor air in a bedroom at half the price. MA-40 is ideal for floor area above 400 sq. ft. and where automatic operation is not needed.

The lack of automatic mode, auto sleep mode, and air quality sensor can be a let-off for advanced users that are looking for automatic seamless operation, but for everyone else that don’t require fancy features, the MA-40 brings efficient operation in a package that is aesthetically appealing and will complement your interior setting.

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If you’re not willing to spend as much on an air purifier but are looking for comparable performance, you can consult this comprehensive guide here.