Levoit Core 300S Air Purifier Review in 2022

Levoit is the #1 air purifier brand in the US and perhaps it has taken the center stage all over the world now thanks to its innovative designs and a habit to bring improvements in the current lineup.

The manufacturer updates its air purifiers almost every year and the Core 300S is the result of the same. The hugely popular Levoit 300 has been equipped with smart features and better air filter options to make the Levoit Core 300S.

So, what does the Levoit Core 300S bring to the table?

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  • Cylindrical design for effective air intake
  • Automatic Set it and Forget it feature
  • 3-Stage H13 True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Remote controlled smart voice assistants like Vesync app, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri control
  • Accessible through Vesync Smart App over Wifi feature
  • Permanent Pre-filter
  • QuietKEAP Technology
  • Remote control, air quality check, voice control – all in one
  • No light, no noise, just air purification
  • Smart Sensors, Auto Mode, and Air Quality Indicator

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The Levoit Core 300S brings the same cylindrical design as the Core 300 and can cover a bedroom of 200-300 sq. ft. conveniently with its 130-150 CADR. The purifier brings smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and seamless pairing with smart homes/assistants while also improving the air purification thanks to the auto mode and a better air quality sensor.

This guide is for everyone looking for a worthy bedroom air purifier that packs all the necessary features needed in a modern home while taking up as little space as possible.

If you already own the Levoit Core 300 and want to know if you need to upgrade, you can read on to find if the improvements are worth the extra bucks.

Let’s get started.

Levoit Core 300S – Features

Levoit Core series shares a lot of design cues and bring a cylindrical design that aids in the effective air intake. The Core 400S and Core 200S brought some changes over their non-smart siblings, but the Core 300S brings over the same design as the Core 300 and adds value to it.

Whether you like the cylindrical design or not, it has its merits and demerits (which we’ll get to later); packing more tech in the same footprint is definitely praise-worthy.

The addition of smart features allows the Levoit Core 300S to be controlled through the free Vesync app and can make it a seamless addition to your smart home allowing for voice control and google assistant/amazon Alexa/Siri control.

The smart features also allow for smart routines. You can casually ask your smart assistant to turn on the purifier every day between 2 and 4 pm and watch the Core 300S magically come to life in that windows. Convenient, right?

The Levoit HEPASmart technology also makes the cut. The Core 300S air purifier maintains a completely airtight seal that helps it stay silent even when operating at maximum speed and also helps improve the filtering efficiency.

The smart air quality sensor at the back automatically detects the changes in the indoor air quality and triggers the auto mode that adjusts the fan speed depending on the contamination levels. To further improve the auto mode, Levoit has a laser dust sensor that detects the contaminant levels in the surrounding air more quickly and effortlessly.

The filter replacement indicator, timer, and child-lock all make the cut and help make the Core 300S a worthy smart air purifier. If you’re a light sleeper you can simply tap the sleep mode button for whisper-quiet air purification and the air purifier also turns off all lights.

All the controls are up top in a circular grid and are very easy to understand. The filter replacement indicator lights up when the air filters are choked. These will need replacement every 8-10 months but you can maintain the air filter periodically to get optimal life.

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Levoit Core 300S – Design

The Levoit Core 300S brings the tried and tested design of the Core series but unlike its predecessor, the 300 which was offered in both black and white trims, the 300S is only offered in white.

The circular design helps keep the noise at a minimum as the surrounding air is pulled in from all sides. The screen up top helps control the air purifier and triggers different functions on or off.

A single fan sits in the middle that pulls in air through the sides and forces it through the filters before returning it to the indoor space.

Measuring just 8.66 x 8.66 x 14.17 inches and weighing a mere 6 lbs, the design is highly portable and make it one of the lightest Levoit air purifier in the whole Core lineup.

The compact cylindrical design is ideal for countertops/shelves and will look great on your office desk as well. Levoit air purifiers are known for their quiet operation and the design language helps the auto mode get the desired supply of clean air effortlessly.

Levoit Core 300S – Filters

The Levoit Core 300S takes the lead in its segment with its different filters on the offer. We’ll discuss the default filter and will guide you on how the Core 300S caters to the needs of different consumers.

The Levoit Core 300S uses:

Fine Mesh Nylon Pre-filter

Inside the cylindrical design, the first line of defense is the pre-filter that handles large particles, pet fur, human hair, and dust specks. The XLC starts the defense against airborne particles with the fine mesh pre-filter. If you have pets then this filter will help trap the pet hair and pet dander.

H13 True HEPA Filter

Levoit Core 300S Filters Review

The H13 True HEPA filter follows the pre-filter and can trap 99.99% of UFP including mold spores, microbes, and even odor-causing smoke particles.

High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter

For effective odor control and neutralizing dangerous chemicals like VOCs, the Core 300S brings a high-efficiency activated carbon filter. This filter not only neutralizes the volatile organic compounds but also cancels out the pet and other household odors.

The Levoit Core 300S stands out thanks to the different replacement filters on the offer. If you live in a region with odors or high pollution levels you can opt for the True HEPA 4-stage smoke remover filter.

Similarly, Levoit has the following replacement filters on offer which the user can choose depending on their particular setting.

True HEPA 3-Stage Pet Allergy Filter

For all your pet-related needs and for those persistent pet allergies, the True HEPA 3-Stage Pet Allergy Filter is all you need.

True HEPA 3-Stage Toxin Absorber Filter

If you smoke indoors or if you are near a region that’s near factories or faces fumes, the Toxin Absorber filter can go a long way in ensuring safe-breathable air.

True HEPA 4-Stage Smoke Remover Filter

The Smoke Remover Filter is particularly efficient against all kinds of smoke whether it is from wildfires or from factories. This filter can ensure a clean supply of breathable air.

Levoit Core 300S – Performance

The Core 300S is not a whole-house air purifier and if you’re buying the purifier for a huge space you’ll be disappointed. The Core 300S is meant for spaces between 200-300 sq. ft. and will handle all particles in such a space with ease.

Be it smoke or PM 2.5 air pollutants, you can expect 5x ACH for a small space, and that too with an efficiency of 99.99%. Thanks to the smart features you can turn it on remotely to ensure that your bedroom/workspace is free from contaminants.

The Core 300S brings a CADR of 134 in dust, 126 for smoke, and 154 in pollen conditions.

Levoit Core 300S – Operation

Thanks to the innovative build, the whole operation is silent and does not have any vibrations. The overall operation is seamless and we found all features to be stable and dependable.

The glass touch buttons up top allow controlling the purifier effortlessly and the circular button layout is user-friendly.

Like other Levoit purifiers, the Core 300S is energy star certified, meaning the purifier is efficient even at standby or top settings.

Final Verdict

The Levoit Core 300S is an iterative upgrade over the hugely popular Core 300. It brings smart features and consumes very little electricity even at the highest setting.

If you’re already using the Core 300 and don’t care for the smart functionality then the time Core 300S is not for you.

Levoit Core 300S is great for first-time air purifier owners and if your space has odors, then opting for the Smoke Remover Filter can make you an excellent combination.

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