Everything You Should Know About Levoit Air Purifiers

Levoit air purifiers have risen to popularity, and rightly so as their appliances are very well made and quite durable. It is the most popular air purifier in the US by far, and as it has become a household name over the past few years, it is safe to say the popularity is not going away anytime soon.

But as all electric appliances are, there will always be a few issues here and there. If your Levoit air purifier has been acting up and you have difficulty making it work, you’re in luck as the Levoit fan base and manufacturer quickly address concerns. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Levoit Air Purifiers as we’ve covered the most common queries and included tips and concerns that users have shared.

Levoit Air Purifiers FAQs

1. How to reset Levoit air purifier?

Switch on the air purifier and locate the reset button per your model. Press it for 3 to 10 seconds to start a new reading cycle.

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2. Why is my Levoit air purifier red? 

Levoit air purifier turns red when it’s time to replace the filter; all you need to do is reset this light after changing the filters.

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3. Are Levoit air purifiers good?

Yes, these are highly recommended and a great choice for those who need to clean the air in a room of 403 square feet or less. The filters in most Levoit purifiers are expected to serve you for six to twelve months.

4. How to use Levoit air purifier? 

Download the Vesync app and create an account; on the home screen, press the plus sign to add your air purifier and select air quality progress. Make sure the air purifier is plugged in and turned on. 

5. Does the Levoit air purifier emit ozone?

Levoit air purifiers are CARB certified and 100% ozone free.

6. Does the Levoit air purifier give off radiation?

Levoit does not produce ionizing radiation and is a CARB-compliant air purifier.

7. How does Levoit’s air purifier work?

The Levoit Core 400S has a three-stage filtration system, which includes a nylon pre-filter to trap particles like pet hair and dust, an H13 True HEPA filter that catches pathogens and allergens, and an activated carbon filter that reduces odors. 

8. Which Levoit air purifier is best? 

Levoit Core 600S is the best air purifier overall, in our opinion. It’s a strong performer considering its price point and offers an abundance of filters, including a HEPA filter, prefilter, ionizer, and odor filter. It’s also quiet, which is particularly important if you want to use it at night.

9. Are Levoit air purifiers safe?

While Levoit air purifier filters release a very small number of fiberglass particles into the air, their overall effect on the human body is negligible. This already slow release rate also decreases over time as the filter ages.

10. How to change the Levoit air purifier filter?

Disconnect the electrical connection to the air purifier and unscrew its back cover to remove the old filters. Do not use water to clean the dust; use a dry cloth or vacuum. Put back its cover and press the reset button after restoring the connection.

11. Can you wash the Levoit air purifier filter?

Levoit air purifier filter should not be washed with water or other liquid. Clean the pre-filter using a soft brush or vacuum hose to remove hair, dust, and large particles.

12. How long should I run my Levoit air purifier?

If the unit in your space operates correctly, around six air changes per hour are recommended. According to this, you can run your air purifier for about 12 hours a day.

13. When to replace the Levoit air purifier filter?

It is best to change the filter every six months. 

14. Where are Levoit air purifiers made?

LEVOIT air purifiers is a brand from South California that distributes its products globally. 

15. How to unlock Levoit air purifier?

Press and hold the lock button on the control panel for 3 seconds to unlock or lock the purifier.

16. Can I run my Levoit air purifier 24/7?

Yes, you should run your air purifier 24/7 and not turn it off even when you’re sleeping or not at home.

17. Can you leave the Levoit air purifier on all the time?

Yes, it is recommended not to switch off your Levoit air purifier at any time. 

18. How to clean the Levoit True Hepa air purifier?

You can clean most HEPA filters using a vacuum cleaner, requiring the utmost gentleness. Alternatively, you can rinse a washable HEPA filter with cold water.

19. How to clean Levoit air purifier?

Ensure the air purifier is turned off and plugged off, then gently turn it upside down. Remove the lid from the bottom, remove the filter, and clean it with a vacuum.

20. Where can I buy a Levoit air purifier?

To get a Levoit air purifier, always buy it from its official site or Amazon for greater discounts.

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21. Which Levoit air purifier should I buy? 

Levoit Core 300 is best for mold issues. 

22. Does Levoit air purifier remove the odor?

Yes, the activated carbon filter fitted in the Levoit air filter removes odors. 

23. Does Levoit air purifier work for COVID?

If used properly, it can help reduce airborne contaminants, including in homes or confined spaces. However, an air purifier alone is insufficient to protect people from COVID.

24. How often to clean the Levoit air purifier?

The outer pre-filter should be cleaned every 2–4 weeks to increase efficiency and extend the life of your filter.

25. What is the sleep mode on the Levoit air purifier?

Sleep mode on the Levoit air purifier enables a lower setting at night, and the lights on the panel appear dim. If the air cleaner possesses a light sensor, it automatically goes into sleep mode when it gets dark.

26. Where to put the Levoit air purifier?

It is recommended to place your Levoit air purifier near areas with a lot of airflow, near a window, or close to a doorway.


So, did you find what you were looking for? We covered almost all top concerns and queries people had and hope your query was covered. Levoit has been forcing the competition to innovate and every iteration brings a more dependable and better air purifier.