How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter Easily

Dyson air purifiers have made a name for themselves thanks to their excellent build quality and efficiency against allergens and airborne pollutants.

But while the Dyson air filters are advertised as having one year of life, the filter replacement indicator can come on as early as 6 months in.

Thankfully, your air purifier does not require replacement filters every time the indicator light comes on and there is a simple and effective workaround.

Can you Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filters?

Yes, Dyson air purifier filters are of very high quality and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or by gently brushing off the debris.

You can simply clean your Dyson air purifier filter and extend the filter life by a few more months. This would be the more prudent and cost-effective option as a replacement filter is almost $100.

Here’s how you can clean your Dyson purifier filter.

How To Clean Dyson Air Filter?

Cleaning the Dyson air purifier is a DIY job that can take between 20-30 minutes depending on the type of air purifier you have.

Step 1: Turn off the air purifier and unplug from the wall outlet

Disconnect the power and unplug the air purifier from the wall outlet before proceeding with the filter replacement.

unplug from the wall outlet

Step 2: Disassemble the air filter housing

For most Dyson models, the air filter housing can be accessed using press-in buttons on each side.

Disassemble the air filter housing

Step 3: Take out the dirty air filter

Once the housing is accessible, the tower filter can simply be lifted up and taken to the bin to either dispose of or clean.

Take out the dirty air filter

For the 360-degree models, the filters can be accessed by sliding the side buttons down.

open the filter housing

You will need to press extra buttons on each filter housing to separate the filter from the housing.

release the filter

Step 4: Vacuum the Dirt/Grime

The dirt and debris collected on the air filters can be sucked in using a vacuum cleaner or can be removed using a brush. The replacement filters we recommend ship with brushes included in the box.

Step 5: Wash the filters (Optional)

If the filters are full of grime and vacuuming doesn’t solve the problem, you can gently clean the filter by dipping it in water.

Before fitting the filter back inside, ensure that it is completely dry.

Step 6: Reassemble the Filters

Once the grime and dirt have been cleaned, the filters can be simply snapped back in place. When in place, the filters should be placed back in the filter housing just as they were removed.

Do not use excessive force as it can result in a rattle if the resting points of the filter are broken.

Should I Clean or Replace my Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

While cleaning can slightly improve the life of the air filter, it is a complex process and can compromise the effectiveness of the purifier if there is a cut or leak in the filter surface while cleaning.

Depending on the type of air purifier you have, you can find inexpensive replacement filters for the 360-degree filter types here, and the circular tower type here.

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Are Dyson air purifier filters washable?

Yes, Dyson air purifier filters can be washed gently. But it is recommended to remove the dust and grime using a vacuum cleaner instead of washing it.

How long does a Dyson air purifier filter last?

6-8 months. While Dyson advertises that their air purifier filters can last up to 1 year, in our opinion the filter replacement indicator light comes on after 6-8 months of use.

How much is Dyson air purifier filter?

Dyson air purifier filter prices can range between $79 and $150 depending on the model and type of purifier.

How often do you replace the Dyson air purifier filter?

If you regularly maintain your Dyson air purifier filter, it should last between 10 months – 14 months. Dyson recommends replacing the filter every 12 months.


We hope this Dyson air purifier filter cleaning guide helped you clean your air filter and extend its life. While this cleaning method can extend the life by a few months, the manufacturer recommends replacing the filters once the filter replacement indicator comes on.