Dyson DP01 vs DP04: Which One is Better?

Dyson air purifiers are known for their modern designs and high-end features that set them apart in the air purifier industry.

Dyson Pure Cool DP series air purifiers are the most popular among the three (TP, DP, and BP) series that Dyson offers. DP series air purifiers are compactly designed for desks, tables, or for floors. Among the Dyson DP series, DP01 and DP04 are the top-selling products from Dyson. Today we’re going to compare both of them.

So, what is the difference between the DP01 and DP04 air purifiers?

In short, Dyson DP04 is an upgraded version of DP01 and the latest model in this series. It comes with everything that DP01 has and brings improved filters, improved fan settings at a slightly higher cost than its predecessor.

Let’s dive into more detail below.

Dyson DP01 vs DP04: A Comparison

When the indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air, air purifiers have become an utmost need nowadays.

There has always been a debate between Dyson DP01 and DP04 models as they have nearly similar features with key variations. Let us discuss the similarities and differences to help you understand better and make an ultimate choice.

SpecificationsDyson DP01Dyson DP04
Remote Control
Wifi Connectivity
StyleDesk fan, BladelessDesk fan, Bladeless
LCD Display×
Air Flow Capacity300 litres/second419 litres/second
Auto Mode
Night Mode
Jet Focus Mode×
Diffused Mode×
Backward Mode×
Dimensions (inches)16 x 8.7 x 24.38.77 x 13.85 x 27.2
Weight (pounds)6.610.18
ColorWhite/SilverWhite/Silver Or Iron/Blue
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Dyson DP01 vs DP04: The Differences

Below are some differences between the two:


The main difference between the two is the extra modes that DP04 has in comparison with DP01. Dp01 unit only has the auto and night modes whereas the DP04 air purifier has backward airflow mode, jet focus control mode, and diffused mode.

The backward mode enables the device to purify the air without turning on the fan. Diffuse mode facilitates broader air distribution while the jet focus control mode is for direct airflow.

Filtration System

The Dp04 has a better air filtration system. It has a Glass HEPA media filter and activated carbon providing better indoor air quality whereas the DP01 has 360 Glass HEPA filters with activated carbons.

Air Flow Capacity

The Air Flow Capacity of an air purifier is the rate at which it clears the air of a room and makes it breathable. The higher it is the better it purifies the air around you. Where Dyson DP01 just has an AFC rate of 319 liters/second, Dyson DP04 beats Dyson DP01 here by having an AFC rate of 419 liters/second.

LCD Display

Dyson DP04 is equipped with advanced features like an LCD display to share live air purification rates with the users. Dyson DP01 is a simple air purifier lacking an LCD display.

Dyson D04 LED Display


The DP01 model is more affordable than DP04.

In addition, Dyson DP01 is designed lighter than DP04 so that it can be easily moved anywhere.

Dyson DP01 vs DP04: The Similarities

The similarities between DP01 and DP04 are listed below:


Both DP01 and DP04 are bladeless desk fans that are safe for houses with kids. You can easily clean them and place them on your side tables and desks as they have a compact design. There are no unwanted grills or blade fans.


Both are controlled by remote controls, have wifi connectivity, and are compatible with Alexa.

Dual Functionality

They have a dual functionality advanced feature that helps the device to purify as well as provide cool air to the user. This cooling feature is definitely a deal maker.


Both have auto mode and night mode settings. When in night mode the fans work on the quietest settings and the LCD display dims automatically.


Both have sensors that monitor the real-time presence and increase in air pollutants and purify the air. Also, the Dyson DP01 and Dp04 both have the ability to remove mold spores from the air.

Oscillation Angle

Both have an oscillation angle of 350 degrees which makes sure the air is projected into the whole room. Not to forget, none of them releases ozone into the air.

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Dyson DP01 Air Purifier

Dyson D01

Dyson air purifiers hold a position of their own in the industry. They are famous for their high quality and functionality. Their products are more innovative and reliable than their competitors as they have always been very critical of small details and always come up with new features and technologies to make sure that their customers get a quality experience.

Dyson DP01 air purifier is the first air purifier from the DP series. It has a compact, elegant design which adds to the beauty of your house. It is a bladeless desk fan that is extremely secure for use and very easy to clean. In addition to purifying the air, it is also provided with an air cooling feature. Following are some important features of Dyson DP01 air purifiers

HEPA Filters

Dyson Dp01 comes with 360 glass HEPA filters with activated carbons. The HEPA filters can remove about 99.97% of contaminants like allergens, mold spores, and viruses from the air as small as 0.3 microns. The activated carbon filters remove toxic pollutants, gases, VOCs, and odors from the air and ensure the circulation of clean air in the room.


The Dyson DP01 air purifier comes with two modes auto mode and night mode. When the device is on night mode the fans work on the quietest settings and produce little to no noise and the LCD lights dim automatically to help the user sleep uninterrupted.

Wifi Enabled

It is a wifi-enabled air purifier. You can easily control the device by downloading the Dyson link app on your mobile phone. The app shows accurate air quality and enables you to control the device from wherever you like.

Air Multiplier Technology

The DP01 air purifier is equipped with air multiplier technology which helps it project the air around the room.

Remote Controls And Voice Command Feature

It is also provided with wireless remote control and a voice command feature. You can easily instruct the device to work as per your wishes. The DP01 is Amazon Alexa supported. You can easily connect the purifier with it and manage the device the way you want.

Many customers seemed to be happy with general working however, many complained that the air purifier was unable to eliminate large dust particles.

Most of the users stated that the DP01 proved to be very helpful in reducing the smell of cigarette smoke and was a relief for asthma patients.

Additional Features

Following are some additional features of the Dyson DP01 air purifiers

  • It can remove mold particles. pollens and air pollutants efficiently.
  • The DP01 oscillates at an angle of 350 degrees to ensure air ventilation across the room.
  • It has a stylish LCD display.
  • It can also be used as a fan
  • Has an air quality sensor that detects the real-time amount of pollutants, odors, and tiny particles in the air.
  • weighs 6.6 lbs.
  • Effective for asthma and allergic patients.
  • Has a 10 fan speed
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Awarded Quiet Mark accreditation

Air Purification Test

We believe in providing verified information to our readers that’s why we tested the Dyson DP01 with the Standard Air Purification test. We placed the purifier in a room with a high level of pollutants and harmful gases and let it run for 1 hour then recorded the initial and final values. These are the results we gained:

PollutantsStarting BaselineAfter 1 Hour
PM 107.90.3
Air Quality Index160

Dyson DP04 Air Purifier

Dyson D04

Dyson pure cool DP04 air purifier is the latest model of the DP series. It has an advanced air filtration system as compared to the DP01. Using a Glass HEPA media filter and activated carbon filter, it ensures complete purifying of the air. It is a bit more expensive than the DP01 as it has a few extra modes and better filters.

Here are some advanced functions that the DP04 provides:

Better Air Filtration System

The DP04 model has a better air filtration system. It has a Glass HEPA media filter which purifies 99.97% of pollutants and also consists of Activated Carbon Filters. They remove bad odors. harmful gases, fumes, smoke, household odors, VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds ), bacteria, and airborne particles from the air effectively.

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Extra Modes

In addition to the auto modes and night mode, the DP04 also has the backward airflow mode which enables it to purify the air even when the fan is turned off. Furthermore, it has a diffuse mode for broader airflow and a jet focus mode that allows air to flow directly.

Cooling Ability

The Dyson pure cool DP04 not only purifies the air but also has a cooling feature. While on fan mode it purifies the air and also spread cool air in the room. Dyson’s air multiplier technology circulates 77 gallons of air per second.


The Dp04 oscillates at an angle of 350 degrees ensuring that fresh air is circulated in all directions, keeping small to medium-sized rooms easily breathable.

Additional Features

The DP04 air purifier also comes with:

  • Wifi connectivity and Alexa compatibility
  • Can also be connected with the Dyson link app
  • Has an airspeed of 10
  • It has an LCD display which provides you with information about the room temperature and amount of pollutants in the surrounding air. It also signals you to change the filters when needed.
  • Has a backward airflow mode.
  • Weighs 10.25 lbs
  • Quiet-Mark accredited.
  • Safe and easy to clean.
  • Awarded the PTPA seal of approval.

Air Purification Test

We tested the Dyson DP04 the same way we tested DP01. In a room full of small particles and contaminants we let the DP04 do its work for an hour and this is the drop in air pollutants we noticed:

PollutantsStarting BaselineAfter 1 Hour
PM 106.00.2
Air Quality Index200

Final Verdict

Dyson DP01 and DP04 are great inventions by the company. In addition to advanced features and dual functionality, they have smart sensor technology and automatically monitor the presence of pollutants and odors in the surrounding. The modern HEPA filters and activated carbon filters are the qualities that distinguish them from normal air purifiers.

If you don’t really care about the extra modes and want a simple affordable air purifier then you can go for DP01. On the other hand, if you like more modes and smart features and have a large budget then we highly recommend you should definitely purchase the Dyson DP04.

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Choosing the right purifier must be difficult but through our guide, you can easily choose between the two and decide which one is more suitable for you.

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