Does an Air Purifier Help with Weed Smell? (Explained)

Yes, air purifiers can filter out airborne particles, smoke particles, and even weed smell molecules. Weed smoke odors are due to a combination of particles and smoke. An air purifier that has both a HEPA filter and a carbon filter will work best to help against weed smell.

Air Purifiers are excellent at removing almost any kind of smell. Including General, Pet, Mold Odor, Smoke, Cooking, Weed, Diapers, and Basement Odor. You can read more in our in-depth article “Does an Air Purifier Help with Smell?

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Is Weed Smoke Dangerous?

Yes, weed smoke is high in particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Weed smoke has a higher water content than cigarette smoke and, if left untreated, can damage the environment and permeate through everything. This can leave a permanent odor in your home and can even impair lung function in the long run, according to the American Lung Association.

Cannabis and medical marijuana are becoming increasingly popular these days as over two dozen US states have legalized their use. Cigarette smoke is filtered as it makes its way into the lungs, but the smoke from weed-filled joints is not filtered and contains more contaminants. The particles can be very tiny, can even be microscopic, and combined with particles like pet dander and other harmful particles can badly affect indoor air quality. According to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), odors can lead to persistent headaches, nausea, and even vomiting.

The American Lung Association also asserts that weed smoke contains the same carcinogenic substances as tobacco smoke, but as the smoker holds it in more than tobacco smoke, the amount of tar making its way into the lungs is significantly increased. Even passive smoking of weed smoke can lead to chronic cough, excessive phlegm production, wheezing breathing, and even acute bronchitis, as evident from research.

Weed Smell Filtration Process

The best way to deal with bad smells and heavy smoke is a carbon filter. However, weed odor is not just an ordinary smell; fine particles and odor molecules require a combination of different types of filters.

The basic configuration for all air purifiers for weed smell is the same. They all feature a pre-filter that traps the large particles before they make their way towards the more important filters. The air is then passed through a high-quality H13 or higher HEPA filter that traps even the minuscule airborne pollutant particles with an accuracy of 99.97%, according to EPA. But even that is not enough to tackle the smoking odors. The filtered air must be treated to make sure your indoor space is free from harmful chemicals and the smell of weed.

A carbon filter serves this purpose and filters off all pet odors, common odors, cannabis odors, cooking odors, and even wildfire smoke odors. Depending on the type of odor, the carbon filter on your air cleaner can usually be swapped out for an activated carbon filter. This results in a higher clean air delivery rate but is not possible for purifiers that use proprietary filters only.

This three-stage filtration process is necessary to ensure that smoking odors and harmful chemicals do not find their way back into the indoor air. The HEPA filter can collect large particles and debris over time and can become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria, especially in humid places. For all such places, a 4-stage filtration process is recommended. Compared to the 3-stage filtration system, the 4-stage filtration adds a UV lamp on the collection side of the HEPA filter to ensure that the microbial DNA is deformed and cannot produce harmful chemicals and odors.


3 Air Purifiers for Weed Smell

There are a lot of quality air purifiers out there that each brings something unique and innovative to the table. Some boast a sleek design, whereas others come with an energy star rating. If you are one of those heavy smokers that want to smoke even during the night, then an air purifier with auto mode and sleep mode will go a long way in ensuring clean air delivery.

Whether you want to get an air purifier for your own weed smoke or for treating secondhand smoke around you, the following are the best air purifiers for weed smell:

1. Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier – Best for Small Sized Rooms

Features 3-stage filtration, multiple fan settings, accidental touch protection, and even an esLevoit is the #1 selling air purifier brand in the US, and the LV-H132 packs all the bells and whistles you would expect in a good quality air purifier. With an air outlet grill on the top and 3-stage filtration to tackle airborne chemicals and particles, it will keep odors away from rooms measuring up to 130sq.ft.

Blueair Blue Pure 311

2. Blueair Blue Pure 311 – Best for Medium Sized Rooms

Blueair blue series is great against odors, and the 311 boasts low noise levels even at maximum fan speed settings. The 311 will cover up to 388sq.ft. of space and has automatic adjustments that switch between speeds depending on the air quality. The tower design ensures total cleaning, and you can forget that there was any marijuana smell in as little as 12 minutes.

3- Austin Air HealthMate – Best for the Whole house

Austin Air HealthMate

If you are looking for something that has the power to handle all gaseous pollutants with active carbon filtration, then Austin Air HealthMate is the right purifier for you. It takes care of all air pollution effectively and can handle strong smells and cannabis smoke easily. The HealthMate features a 360-degree air intake grill and has one of the highest per hour ratings for clean air delivery (CADR). The air purifier can handle up to 1500sq.ft. of space and packs ample fan power to ensure smooth, clean airflow.


All these air purifiers pack the essentials for efficient and effective weed smoke treatment and other unpleasant odors. These purifiers will take care of the smell of smoke in a seamless fashion and help reduce allergic reactions. Moreover, there is ample evidence to suggest that taking care of smoke can actually alleviate asthma symptoms. Medical marijuana can help with illnesses, but the smoke can be an issue both for the smoker and the ones around them, so be sure to use a good quality air purifier to ensure good air quality and healthy and more fulfilling life.