Do Pawn Shops Take Air Purifiers?

Air Purifiers can be pawned at pawn shops, but not always. So, calling your local pawn shop before visiting them is always better.

As of 2023, air purifier sales are 2-7% of the global consumer appliance market, 2-7 of every 100 consumer appliances sold globally. Air Purifiers are becoming a staple household appliance, and household appliances are favorites at pawn shops.

A smart pawnbroker might want your air purifier, but that doesn’t mean he will give you your air purifier’s worth. Here are some tips on getting the best deal for your air purifier at a pawn shop.

Tips on Selling Your Air Purifiers to a Pawn Shop

Undoubtedly, your air purifier can sell at a better price on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, but usually, these take time to sell. Pawn shops are a great way to get quick cash. They either buy your item, offer you a loan and keep it as security.

Make it Work and Change Filters.

Ensure it’s working so it doesn’t need any repairs or maintenance. Also, buy some new filters; changing the filter before you take it to the shop is a good idea. Doing this is going to get you a good price.

Clean It

Make sure that there are no dust and smudges on your air purifier. Air purifiers are supposed to keep the air clean; nobody would consider buying a dirty air purifier.

Remember to Call Before

It’s a good idea to call a pawn shop and ask if they will take an air purifier before taking your heavy air purifier to the shop. If they already have multiple Air purifiers in stock, they won’t take it.

Check Current Air Purifier Prices on Amazon

Pawn shops usually offer items at 50% of the actual price, and they buy from you at 20-30% of the actual price. It’s a good idea to find the current actual price of your air purifier. Amazon is a great place for authentic prices. 

What is it Selling For on eBay?

Pawn Brokers these days are smart. They usually check prices on eBay before they even offer you a price. So you should also check the price you’re getting on eBay.

Pawn Price Estimator

There are numerous pawn estimators online. We have gone through the hassle of trying out different online pawn estimators and got to one that works (most give the same price for everything).

After checking prices, decide on a price and take your air purifier to the pawn shop.

We have listed a few air purifiers with their prices on Amazon (new), eBay (used), and Pawn Price Estimator so that you can get an idea.

Item NameAmazon Price eBay PricePawn Estimator Price
Dyson – Purifier Cool – TP07$539$384.99$92- $152
Levoit core 300$99.95$69.95$17- $28
Medify air MA-40$270$99$67 – $111

You will probably get a better deal for your air purifier on eBay or even Amazon, as was the case for the air purifiers mentioned above. But any smart pawn shop owner will also not pass on such an opportunity.