Do Air Purifiers Cool the Room? (Explained)

The short answer is no, while a room with air purifiers can feel a bit cool, air purifiers do not have the components that can cool the air. But, there are a few exceptions to this which we’ll discuss later in this article.

The main purpose of an air purifier is to filter out the air contaminants from the indoor air. A typical air purifier consists of one fan and an air filter. The fan pulls in air through one side of the machine and forces it through the air filter.

Purified air then makes its way into the room bringing air quality improvement for the whole space. Most air purifiers work in a similar fashion and while the airflow direction and fan speed can be different, the overall mechanism stays the same.

The exceptions to the rule also come thanks to the innovative solutions from some manufacturers that tweak with the air direction and fan rotation direction to bring a temperature difference in your indoor space, again, more on this down below.

So, Why Does Air from An Air Purifier Feel Cooler?

A traditional air purifier does not cool down the room and numerous studies have shown that the room’s temperature remains unchanged even after hours of using a traditional purifier constantly.

While the temperature might not drop, the air can still feel cooler, so yes, air purifiers cannot cool a room but the air can feel cooler. Confused? Let us explain the science behind this phenomenon.

How Can An Air Purifier Make Indoor Air Feel Cooler?

The functioning of the air purifier holds the answer to this question. The machine pulls in air at room temperature from one side and forces it through a filter or a group of filters. This can make the room safer for breathing.

During this process, the air is pushed out by the fan it has a certain speed to it and it is a common science phenomenon that moving air accelerates evaporation. As this moving air brushes against your skin, it evaporates the thin layer of sweat on your skin.

If you stand in front of the direct forward airflow of the machine, it can feel cold because the wind from the air purifier fan takes away the sweat on your skin as the sweat evaporation is meant to cool down the body.

So if you’re feeling a cool breeze in the presence of an air purifier, it is because of the evaporation. It is not an air conditioner and can definitely never replace one. The functioning of an air purifier uses energy so actually, heat energy might be released into the air.

Do Air Purifiers Release Warm Air Into the Room?

This heat energy from the purifier is too low to make any significant change in the room’s temperature.

Working of the Convectional Currents

Now that you know that the evaporation can cause a tiny temperature difference as the clean air comes in contact with your body, there is another scientific fact that warm air rises and cooler air sinks, so even the slightest evaporation can set up an air circulation process.

This circulating air and the filtered airflow, together with the direction of air outflow can make you feel cooler although the air purifier has not made the room cooler or hotter.

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How Can I Cool My Room Using An Air Purifier?

As we discussed, the air direction can actually help bring a change in the temperature of the room. Air purifiers with a bottom inflow and top outflow farewell to change the direction of the convectional currents in favor of the heating process.

This is because cold air sinks and the air purifier takes in the cold air from the bottom pushing it out through the top, disrupting the hot air above the air purifier, and adjusting the air currents.

A forward-facing airflow on the other hand disrupts the air in front of the purifier making the air feel cooler and more pleasant. So even though the air purifier does not have cooling components like a compressor or refrigerant gas, it can provide the cooling sensation effortlessly thanks to an ingenious design by some quality manufacturers like Dyson.

So, depending on the intended use, you can opt for an upward airflow direction air purifier that will prove more helpful during the days of winter. Or, you could just select a forward airflow direction like The Dyson Pure Cool Link™ air purifier that will keep you cool during the summer days.

Limiting the Cooling Sensation of An Air Purifier

Does the air from the air purifier feel cool and make you uncomfortable? You’re not alone, many people have wanted to get rid of the sensation. If you want to ensure better air quality improvement and don’t want the air purifier air to feel cool, you can just turn down the fan speed on your air purifier.

This is not suggested if the indoor air quality is not up to the mark in your space, because this also reduces the clean air delivery rate. A lower clean air delivery rate means less filtered airflow so your room might take longer to clean.