Air Purifier vs Diffuser – What’s the Difference?

air purifier vs diffuser

Air diffusers are machines that disperse essential oils, filling your indoor space with scent. On the other hand, an air purifier filters out airborne contaminants like dust, smoke, and pet dander and can also effectively neutralize odors, allowing you to breathe freely in safe air. Both the air diffuser and air purifier can help make … Read more

Does an Air Purifier Help with Smell? (Explained)

does an air purifier help with smell

Tired of the stubborn odors around your space? According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), odors can lead to headaches, irritation, and in some cases, even depression. There are a few remedies available that mask the smell but fail to take care of the root cause. If you’re looking for a … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets? (Backed by Studies)

are air purifiers safe for pets

Many people invest in air purifiers to sanitize and heighten the quality of their indoor air to remove pollutant particles. Air purifiers assist in sanitizing the air around us and our pets, making it odor-free and clean. Nevertheless, many cautious pet owners are concerned about whether air purifiers are harmful to their pets. That leads … Read more

Why Air Purifier Smells Like Plastic or Burning?

air purifier smells like plastic or burning

Air purifiers are meant to remove odors and other airborne irritants like mold, bacteria, dust, and pet dander. Having your air purifier give off odors like plastic or burning can be outright disturbing. You’re not alone, as air purifiers can smell like burning or plastic straight out of the box due to some reasons. Burning … Read more

5 Best Places to Put an Air Purifier (Golden Rules)

best places to put an air purifier

According to the EPA, inferior indoor air quality due to pollutants has been linked to a vast range of adverse health effects such as respiratory diseases like asthma, fatigue, allergies, irritation, and etc. However, if you have purchased an air purifier and have not noticed any positive results in the quality of the air inside … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Radon Gas?

do air purifiers help with radon gas

Yes, air purifiers can help reduce the amount of Radon in the indoor space. However, not all purifiers work against radon and even the best HEPA air purifiers can prove inefficient against it. An air purifier with an activated carbon filter is the best choice when it comes to keeping radon concentration levels in check. … Read more

Air Purifiers Made in the USA

air purifiers made in the usa

Air purifiers are the need of the hour as world air pollution levels are exhibiting an upward trend. Thankfully, there are excellent USA-made air purifiers out there that offer medical-grade filtration so you don’t have to worry about indoor air pollutants and can live your life to the fullest. Most air purifiers, like everything else, … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Reduce Dust? (Explained)

do air purifiers reduce dust

Air purifiers are nifty devices that improve the quality of air that you breathe in. They do so by removing harmful particulate matter and neutralizing air pollutants in an effective manner. Amongst the indoor pollutants, dust is perhaps the most overlooked one. Dust buildup and airborne dust can actually prove harmful to your health and … Read more

Air Purifier vs Humidifier: Which is better for you?

Air Purifier vs Humidifier

The air purifier vs humidifier debate has been going on for quite some time now. Although both the machines bring a different advantage, both air purifiers and humidifiers can improve the quality of breathable air. So let’s dig deep into the air purifier vs air humidifier debate. What is the difference between an air purifier … Read more