Dyson HP02 vs HP04: Which One is Better?

Dyson HP02 vs HP04

The market is full of air purifiers that offer ample protection against airborne contaminants but Dyson has made a name for itself thanks to its innovative features and thoughtful devices. If you’re looking for a Dyson air purifier you might have considered the HP02 and the HP04 largely because they share a lot of Dyson’s … Read more

Dyson DP01 vs DP04: Which One is Better?

dyson dp01 vs dp04

Dyson air purifiers are known for their modern designs and high-end features that set them apart in the air purifier industry. Dyson Pure Cool DP series air purifiers are the most popular among the three (TP, DP, and BP) series that Dyson offers. DP series air purifiers are compactly designed for desks, tables, or for … Read more

Air Cleaner vs Air Purifier – What’s the Difference?

air cleaner vs air purifier

Air cleaners only filter the harmful particles out of the air, whereas air purifiers not only filter out the airborne particles but also sanitize the air. The air is sanitized using UV lamps, a bit of ozone, negative ions, static electricity, and other such methods that cancel out the harmful effects of pollutants. If you’re … Read more

Air Sanitizer vs Air Purifier – What’s the Difference?

air sanitizer vs air purifier

Air sanitizers and air purifiers both bring a different approach to the indoor air quality problem. Indoor air quality has always been important but even more so in these testing coronavirus times as it can have detrimental effects on health.  Apart from the COVID-19 threat, there are other pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, VOCs, … Read more

How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filter Easily

how to clean dyson air purifier filter

Dyson air purifiers have made a name for themselves thanks to their excellent build quality and efficiency against allergens and airborne pollutants. But while the Dyson air filters are advertised as having one year of life, the filter replacement indicator can come on as early as 6 months in. Thankfully, your air purifier does not … Read more

How to Tell If an Air Purifier is Working (5 Quick and Easy Ways)

how to tell if an air purifier is working

Air Purifiers can do more harm than good if not working properly. According to EPA air purifiers can be really helpful in reducing airborne contaminants as a result they help in improving health conditions such as allergic reactions and asthma. Such improvements are only possible if your air purifier is working effectively. Although knowing if … Read more

How Long To Run Air Purifier? (Explained)

how long to run air purifier

Some manufacturers recommend running their air purifiers for 12 hours each day while others suggest running it all day. Depending on the type of air purifier, the duration of use can vary. Most indoor air purifiers are excellent for improving indoor air quality in a relatively short period of time. There are multiple options on … Read more

Air Purifier vs Ionizer – What’s the Difference?

air purifier vs ionizer

With the coronavirus delta wave in full swing, maintaining good indoor air quality has become more important than ever. Air purifiers and ionizers both bring very different approaches to cleaning the indoor air and are quite effective at it.  Different types of air purifiers feature a set of filters and offer various health benefits. Air … Read more

Does an Air Purifier Help with Weed Smell? (Explained)

does an air purifier help with weed smell

Yes, air purifiers can filter out airborne particles, smoke particles, and even weed smell molecules. Weed smoke odors are due to a combination of particles and smoke. An air purifier that has both a HEPA filter and a carbon filter will work best to help against weed smell. Air Purifiers are excellent at removing almost … Read more