3 Best Air Purifier for Radon Gas in 2023

best air purifier for radon gas

According to reports, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and the increasing number of airborne pollutants in the indoor air is leading to countless health issues. While some gaseous pollutants can be detected because of their distinct odor or taste, contaminants like radon gas can go undetected because of their odorless, tasteless nature. Thankfully, … Read more

7 Best Air Purifier for Nail Salon in 2022

best air purifier for nail salon

As the world returns back to a new normal from the COVID-19 lockdowns, air quality is becoming increasingly important. Any closed space poses a health threat and nail salons are no different. Studies suggest that visitors and staff are exposed to an elevated level of volatile organic compounds, CO2, and PM2.5 air pollutants that can … Read more

7 Best Air Purifier Under $150 in 2022

best air purifier under 150

Air purifiers are becoming increasingly important because of the rising air contamination levels across the globe. The rising pollution levels can trigger asthma attacks and can make existing allergies worse. The Best Air Purifier under 150 brings an inexpensive solution to the rising pollution levels and helps you stay healthy by keeping the indoor air … Read more

Best Air Purifier for Dorm Room in 2022

best air purifier for dorm room

As the COVID lockdowns are relaxing, it’s time to get back to college and there’s nothing more important than getting your dorm ready for the academic session ahead. The pandemic situation and the uncontrolled spread of wildfires have highlighted the importance of air quality and the negative effects that bad air quality can have on … Read more

5 Best Air Purifier for Ferret Odor in 2022

best-air purifier for ferret odor

Ferrets are adorable but having them around can also bring a stench that can make anyone uncomfortable. The Best Air Purifiers For Ferret Odor offers an effective way to remove pet smells from your home, office, or even your car. These air purifiers are also great for removing bad smells like the smoke smell, urine … Read more

3 Best Air Purifier for Asbestos in 2022

best air purifier for asbestos

If you’re here, chances are you already know about Asbestos. If you don’t, this guide will help you gauge the actual damage these deadly heat-resistant microfibers can do. Asbestos can be detrimental to health and due to some uninformed manufacturing decisions over the past decades, it was commonly found in many homes around the world. … Read more

5 Best Air Purifier for Kitchen Smells in 2022

best air purifier for kitchen smells

The indoor air quality is the worst around a kitchen, particularly when you forget something in the oven, and the best way to get rid of the air pollutants causing odor is by using air purifiers. Cooking odors, kitchen smells, and all kinds of pollutants make their way into the kitchen and not all purifiers … Read more

5 Best Water Based Air Purifier in 2022

Water Based Air Purifer

Air purifiers use all sorts of different technologies and approaches to cleaning the air. Water based air purifiers bring a tried and tested approach that can remove airborne contaminants effectively and efficiently. Water air cleaners employ the same phenomenon that we experience after rain which leaves the air fresh and revitalized. Water-based air cleaners cycle … Read more

7 Best Air Purifier for VOCs (2022)

best air purifier for vocs

The best air purifiers can handle all impurities, including odors, harmful chemicals, and will also keep dangerous VOCs at bay. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short, can irritate multiple organs, including the eyes and the skin. Some of these VOCs can even be carcinogenic. Although stopping these airborne chemicals from entering is the best … Read more

Best 3D Printer Air Purifier (Reviewed)

3D printers are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in schools, universities, workplaces, and even homes. While they are an excellent marvel of modern technology, 3D printer emissions can negatively impact indoor air quality. Thankfully, a 3D printer air purifier provides a viable solution that will allow you to breathe safe air while using … Read more