5 Best Water Based Air Purifier in 2022

Air purifiers use all sorts of different technologies and approaches to cleaning the air. Water based air purifiers bring a tried and tested approach that can remove airborne contaminants effectively and efficiently. Water air cleaners employ the same phenomenon that we experience after rain which leaves the air fresh and revitalized.

Water-based air cleaners cycle the dirty indoor air through water; this settles the pollutants at the bottom and adds your favorite fragrance to the outgoing air.

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What is a Water Based Air Purifier?

A water-based air purifier is a device that uses water instead of air filters to trap airborne pollutants. The use of water helps in avoiding any side effects while also ensuring that the air has enough humidity to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms.

Water air purifiers can also be used for aromatherapy as they can mix the essential oils with water as it is agitated during the purification process.

Do Water Based Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, air purifiers that employ water to trap pollutants work. Water molecules have high adhesion (tendency to stick to other particles), according to the U.S. Geological Survey, and this allows them to stick to airborne contaminants when air is passed through it.

We see this phenomenon in practice when rain washes away the pollutants in the air, leaving behind fresher and cleaner air. Rain droplets stick to the pollutants in the air when they descend and bring the pollutants down with them.

These nifty air purifiers also double as oil diffusers and can act as humidifiers as well. These add value to your purchase and make these relatively inexpensive air-cleaning devices even more worthy of praise.

Read on to find out more about the best water based air purifiers available on the market and what advantages do these devices bring to your home.

5 Best Water Based Air Purifiers

  1. Sirena Twister Air Purifier
  2. Ocean Blue Water Based Air Purifier
  3. Eco Gecko Earth Globe- Glowing Water Air Washer
  4. New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Based Air Purifier Diffuser
  5. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Purifier

In a hurry? Here’s a quick overview of how much space the best water-based air purifiers cover and their relative sizes so you can select the one that suits your space perfectly.

Sirena Twister AirOcean BlueEco Gecko Earth GlobeNew Comfort MiniBluonics Fresh Aire
Space CoverageUp to 400 sq. ft.Up to 400 sq. ft.Up to 250 sq. ft.Up to 400 sq. ft.Up to 360 sq. ft.
LED Colors77176
Power< 10 Watts< 10 Watts< 10 Watts< 10 Watts< 10 Watts
Item Weight2.35 pounds2.5 pounds 0.5 pounds 0.7 pounds3 pounds
Product Dimensions9 x 8 x 9 inches9 x 9 x 9 inches4.25 x 4.25 x 5 inches4 x 4 x 4 inches8 x 8 x 8 inches

1. Sirena Twister Air Purifier

Sirena Twister Air Purifier

Sirena Twister Air Purifier is one of the best water air purifiers for your indoor space. The air purifier helps remove airborne particles from smoke, dust, and even unpleasant odors.

If you are wary of the mechanical air purifiers that use a more expensive filter, then the Sirena Twister can help improve bad air quality and solve the problem of dry air.

The Twister can help keep allergy and asthma symptoms at bay by filtering out dander, lint, and dust particles. The water reservoir can be accessed through a simple twist of the top cover, and deodorizing fragrances can be added to keep your indoor space fresh.

The water air purifier also brings a 7-color LED illumination system that makes the whole look and feel of the place very soothing and welcoming. Moreover, the whole unit is compact enough to be carried around easily.

The air purifier draws its power from AC mains and is a simple enough solution to take care of smoke, dust, and unpleasant odors.

The Sirena Twister boasts a modern design that will turn heads when illuminated. The illumination can be used as a night lamp, and you can switch between the different LED colors depending on your mood.

2. Ocean Blue Water Air Purifier

Ocean Blue Water Air Purifier

The Ocean Blue Water Based Air Purifier is the right blend of technology, space, and effective air purification. It can help reduce airborne pollutants like dust particles, smoke particulates, and even allergens. In addition, the Ocean Blue is an effective option for all dry areas as the air purifier adds much-needed moisture back into the air.

The three fan speeds can be easily switched through the front selector and the current mode is displayed on the LED display.

Ocean Blue has also added a timer option for timed operation. For the best aromatherapy experience add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The oil is diffused across the room efficiently with the vapors.

Cleaning and refilling the purifier is fairly simple as the tank can be refilled through a simple twist of the top cover, making the whole experience simple and easy. The water based air purifier also features a 7-color LED light that also adds to the ambiance and makes it feel trendy.

The air purifier can be powered through a USB cable and can act as an effective air sanitizer to thanks to the inclusion of UV-C light.

Ocean Blue’s durability is well known and the ability to set lighting according to your moods make it an excellent option for any home looking for a water air purifier.

3. Eco Gecko Earth Globe – Glowing Water Air Washer

Eco Gecko Earth Globe

Are you tired of all the odors around your place and are looking for an inexpensive solution? The Eco Gecko Earth Globe can be a great choice for you. It is an excellent water based air cleaner that will make your indoor space a treat to breathe in with just 2-3 drops of your favorite fragrance.

The fan is quiet and produces minimal white noise. The air is forced through scented water that traps airborne contaminants before being released back into the room.

It is excellent for masking kitchen and pet odors. But if you’re looking for more advanced air purifiers here are the top recommended products.

While the whole air purifier is compact and will fit on any countertop easily, it is powerful enough to cover up to 600 sq. ft. of space. If you have one of those newer sockets that feature a USB port, the Eco Gecko can be directly plugged into those USB ports and draws under 10 watts of power even at peak usage.

Moreover, the LED illumination acts as the perfect night light, be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or pet space, as the light is both soothing and provides a relaxing atmosphere.

The Eco Gecko uses the same principle as any other water based air purifier but does so efficiently and covers a respectable space. The LED could feature more light choices, but the water-based purification is both simple and efficient.

4. New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Air Purifier Diffuser

New Comfort Mini Desktop Water  Air Purifier

If the New Comfort Mini Desktop Water based air purifier feels too familiar, that’s because it is. The air purifier is a more compact version of the Sirena Twister Air Purifier and brings over the same capabilities to almost half the size. It passes the indoor air through the water reservoir to trap smoke, dust, and odor particles.

Thanks to the compact design, the air purifier can be used in all sorts of places and can even be powered through a car charger. Granted, it doesn’t bring the prowess of the more expensive HEPA filter-based air purifiers, but it can be a great starting point if you haven’t owned an air purifier before.

The air purifier is particularly effective in small rooms in cold and dry regions. The water tank can hold enough water for the whole day but replacing the water every day is recommended. Your favorite essential oil fragrances can be added to the water to add an exquisite welcoming fragrance to the room.

The 7-color LED illumination system cycles through the LEDs giving it a futuristic look and feel. The convenience of using different power sources and the portability makes it a great option that is hard to recommend.

5. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Purifier

Bluonics Fresh Aire

Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Purifier is another worthy mention that can spread a fragrance across your indoor space and will filter out most allergens from it. The air purifier can trap smoke particles, odor-causing particles, and other harmful airborne contaminants to deliver healthy, fresh water-washed air.

The Bluonics air purifier can handle air in an enclosed space of up to 360 sq. ft. and does not make much noise in the process. This helps allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers get relief and can even be used overnight thanks to its quiet operation.

The six color-changing LED illumination add to the overall ambiance of the room and makes for an excellent aesthetic environment that can be used as a nightlamp.

The cycling LEDs make it an excellent lighted water air purifier and freshener. The compact shape and styling also allow for easy movement from one room to another.

In addition, the air purifier draws its power from AC mains which means you don’t have to carry additional accessories with you.

Benefits of a Water Based Air Purifier

Water-based air cleaners result in a fresh-feeling air feeling without drying it out. The initial investment into a water based air purifier is very low as compared to conventional air purifiers, and they don’t require any costly filter replacements.

If you’re skeptical about introducing a gadget into your home that uses ions to clean the indoor air, then a water based air purifier can feel safer and can bring a number of advantages with it. If you belong to any of the following groups, a water based air cleaner is a must-have.

Allergy Sufferers

Water-based air cleaners can help remove airborne allergens from the indoor air. This is particularly helpful during the allergy season for mild allergy sufferers.

For more severe allergies, it is best to use an air cleaner that uses a True HEPA filter. However, for most mild ones, a water based air purifier provides better value for money and requires no maintenance.

Pet Owners

Pets are a blessing, but the pet dander and the lingering smell can be very annoying at times. Water based air purifiers can be used for aromatherapy too and will help mask the pet odors efficiently. You can add your favorite essential oils to the reservoir to enjoy the fresh and welcoming fragrance.

Homeowners with Persistent Household Odors

If you live in an area with unbearable odor and would like your indoor air to be welcoming, then a water based air purifier system can just be the thing for you.

It serves as a great odor mitigating system and can help mask household odors. If the household odors are too severe, then an air purifier with activated carbon is recommended.


Do you love to smoke indoors? Smoking can leave behind a burning odor that can be hard to remove afterward. Using a water based air purifier doesn’t let the contaminants spread out much and can help remove the odor before it becomes persistent.


Skeptical about air purifiers that use water? Here are some of the top queries that people have about water based air purifiers. Have a look to see if you have the same questions.

Can air be filtered through water?

Yes, using water to filter the air is not just efficient but is safe as well. Just as rain cleanses the air and leaves behind a refreshing feel, water based air purifiers help in removing the airborne contaminants to provide you with dust-free healthier air.

Is a Water air purifier good for your health?

Yes, water air purifiers can be great for health, particularly if the air is exceedingly dry and is causing asthma symptoms to aggravate. Water based air purifiers humidify the air and can help reduce allergy symptoms as well.

Does a water air purifier use a lot of electricity?

No, water air purifiers and air purifiers, in general, do not consume much electricity. Most whole-home air purifiers consume less than 50 watts at their full speed setting. This equates to less than $10 in electricity costs over a month.


Water-based air purifiers bring nature’s own solution to air pollution to your indoor space. Indoor air pollution is a graver issue these days with the rising levels of COVID-19 infections, and a quality water-based air purifier can help against airborne contaminants and add some much-needed humidity to the dry indoor air.

The table-up top will assist you in making the right choice if you’re looking for a water-based air purifier for your indoor space. All the above options work excellently on their own or when paired with a HEPA air purifier to provide a fresher and aromatic experience.