5 Best Air Purifier for Litter Box Smell in 2023

Pet odors and foul smells can be a huge problem that can make a house inhabitable. Even if your pet is trained to ‘go’ in the litter box, these too can have a distinctive odor, and a smelly litter box is the last thing you’d want to see when you get back from work.

Thankfully, air purifiers the right air purifier can solve these issues by eliminating unwanted odors effectively. Different types of air purifiers help solve different air quality issues.

The best air purifier for litter box smell should have a HEPA filter for handling pet dander, hair, and dust. A deodorization filter is also a must for advanced odor control. Not all purifiers are good for pet owners.

Getting the wrong air purifier can increase your problem, and we understand that making the ultimate choice can be frustrating.

This guide will help you make an informed decision as we’ve brought in all the meaningful information you’ll need to choose the right purifier. So, whether you have a cat or a dog, this list of our top 5 picks for the best air purifier for litter box smell is all you’ll need.

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5 Best Air Purifier For Litter Box Smell

In a hurry? This table will make things easier for you, or if you want to understand how to combat that litter odor among other household odors, read the detailed review down below.

Top pick
CADR: 100 cfm
Coverage: 700 sq. ft.
Filtration Stages: 5
Budget pick
CADR: 80 cfm
Coverage: 200 sq. ft.
Filtration Stages: 3
Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier
CADR: 240 cfm
Coverage: 360 sq. ft.
Filtration Stages: 4
CADR: 83 cfm
Coverage: 500 sq. ft.
Filtration Stages: 5
CADR: 107 cfm
Coverage: 153 sq. ft.
Filtration Stages: 5

Why Do Litter Boxes Smell?

There are decomposers everywhere, which can be a primary cause of cat litter odor around your home. Pet litter odors can get caught in the litter dust, and the smell will linger even if you remove the stool from the box. Some people believe pets like this dust reinforces their behavior of using the litter box.

According to research and contrary to popular opinion, cat litter box odor can make a litter box unattractive for cats.

As domesticated pets usually behave similarly, it can be the reason for the unexpected littering behavior of your pet. Protein breakdown leads to odorant molecules; human sweat is also an example.

Litter box smell also has a similar origin as bacteria act on the protein in the litter and produce odor molecules. The best purifiers for cat litter or litter box smells can easily handle these molecules, but knowing the reason behind the smell can also help. The odor can worsen because of the following:

  • High protein pet foods – Pet foods that contain high protein or meat-rich foods mean bacteria will decompose more protein-rich stool to release foul smells.
  • Pet urine is also protein-rich and can lead to persistent litter box smells.
  • Litter box damage – scratches and grooves in the litter box plastic mean litter particles can deposit into these imperfections and lead to litter smells.

According to studies, gaseous pollutants that cause litter odors can also lead to allergic reactions and flare-up horrible allergies. An air purifier for pet allergies is the best bet against the allergies, but only a purifier with carbon filters will be able to handle the odors.

How Can I Prevent Litter Box From Smelling?

Maintaining the litter box and cleaning it regularly offers great protection against germs and can rid the air of odors.

An air purifier with an advanced carbon filter will handle any odors that linger after maintenance. Here are a few steps that can help prevent the litter box from smelling:

  • Empty out the litter box twice a day.
  • Wash litter boxes at least once a week.
  • Replace litter boxes at least once every 6 months.
  • Use a pet-friendly litter deodorizer.
  • Place the box in a well-ventilated place.
  • Use activated carbon bags under the litter dust for effective odor absorption.
  • Use synthetic litter that absorbs and retains bad odors.

You can use some or all of these tips to help reduce bad odors. But as cats are used to spraying everywhere, investing in an air purifier for cat odor or litter box smell is the best option.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Litter Box Smell?

Yes, air purifiers can eliminate litter box smells while tackling pet odors. Air purifiers with an activated carbon pre-filter or a dedicated activated carbon filter offer advanced odor control thanks to their ability to absorb odor molecules.

Air purifiers aren’t just effective against litter odors; these nifty devices can filter out airborne allergens, pet dander, cooking fumes, harmful VOCs, and other harmful airborne particles that adversely affect indoor air quality.

Purifiers usually use a pre-filter to handle larger particles before passing the air onto the high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), which then filters particles down to a size of 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency.

These processes remove all particulate matter like pet hair, dust mites, pet dander, and litter dust, but real odor filtration is made possible with carbon filters. Some manufacturers use a carbon pre-filter, while others use carbon pallets or activated carbon cylinders for higher air purification efficiency.

Air purifiers bring an effective solution to all your odor problems. Be it cooking odors, cat smells, or litter box smells, a powerful air purifier will help handle foul odors and will help achieve fresh-smelling air.

Selecting the right type of air purifier can be tricky, so we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 air purifiers on the market for litter smells. The guide will help you understand what each air cleaner brings.

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Best Air Purifier For Litter Box Odor – Detailed Review

This review will deal with the best 5 air cleaners on the market that handle

1. HATHASPACE HSP001 Air Purifier

HATHASPACE HSP001 Air Purifier

HATHASPACE HSP001 is an excellent air purifier for odors as it brings 5-stage filtration that can handle different types of air contaminants efficiently. If you want the uncompromised removal of foul odors and smells, then the HSP001 is just the right thing for you and does so with minimal noise.

The 5-stage filtration is particularly efficient against odors from the litter box thanks to the inclusion of Hathaspace’s Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter. The filter can adsorb all gaseous pollutants including VOCs, dangerous chemical fumes, and spray odors.

The added filtration stages also make it a great all-rounder for pet hair, pet dander, mold, smoke particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other common airborne pollutants in spaces up to 700 sq. ft. This is based on an estimated 2 air changes per hour.

Defense against odors and particulate matter begins with the cold catalyst pre-filter that removes large-sized particles before passing the air onto a cellular-activated carbon filter where the adsorption process occurs.

The other side of the pre-filter features an antibacterial filter that is particularly effective against microbes. True HEPA filter then removes remaining particles including tiny particles down to a size of 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency.

The Ionizer uses the air-scrubbing capabilities of the purifier to charge particles to make them heavy negatively. This thorough filtration takes care of all odor-causing particles and odors arising from the litter box.

So, if you’re looking for a purifier for litter smell, the HATHASPACE HSP001 can be hard to beat because of its smart features and efficient operation.

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2. Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone

Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone

The Pure Enrichment PureZone brings a different style of filtration as it adds a UV-C light alongside the usual mix of pre-filter, HEPA filter, and the activated carbon filter.

While it might not be the greatest or the most powerful air purifier for odors out there, it can easily handle litter box odors in a 200 sq. ft. space.

The PureZone design is simple, compact, and efficient. The pre-filter is washable and traps larger particles that could clog up the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter traps the tiniest particles before passing the air through the activated carbon filter that handles the litter box smell.

The activated carbon filter can easily handle VOCs, chemical fumes, mold odor, and most importantly litter or spray odor.

The reason Pure Enrichment PureZone made the cut and featured on our best 5 lists is the uncompromised attention to detail. Litter odor is made worse when microbes act on it, and the manufacturer included a UV-C light in the package to ensure that no microbes survive.

The whole package is portable thanks to the compact design and small footprint. It is surprising to see that Pure Enrichment included a filter replacement indicator, sleep mode, air quality sensor, and a timer for such a compact device.

In addition, as the air cleaner is meant for a limited amount of space, these features make it an excellent option to be placed around litter boxes or in bathrooms or kitchens where litter boxes usually go.

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3. Winix 5500-2

Winix 5500-2

Winix is one of the best air purifier brands in the US, and the 5500-2 is an excellent air purifier for litter box odors. It used to be our #1 pick due to its discounted price, which is not the case anymore.

The purifier combines dependable necessities and smart features to ensure odors never greet you.

The 5500-2 brings 4-stage filtration that boasts a 99.97% efficiency against airborne contaminants down to a size of 0.3 microns. While the purifier is big, Winix has given it a conservative rating and says it is best for up to 360 sq. ft. of space.

The Winix 5500 did not have an autonomous function, the 5500-2 improves that aspect and brings an air quality indicator.

The manufacturer has also included remote control to improve the user experience further. The purifier will automatically kick in as soon as bad air quality is detected or increase the fan speed depending on the air quality.

The pre-filter filters out large-sized particles like pet hair, pet dander, and dust before passing the air to the True HEPA filter. The real odor-fighting is done with the help of a carbon filter that works efficiently against harmful chemicals, foul odors, and even VOCs.

The carbon content might not be the highest, but it significantly improves over any of its more expensive predecessors. Even if you forget to leave the air purifier on during the day, your litter box smell won’t be an issue with the quick results that the 5500-2 brings.

Winix has gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. This is also evident by the energy-star certification that the purifier brings.

While the pre-filter, the True HEPA filter, and the carbon filter are enough to handle most odors, Winix’s PlasmaWave technology will take care of any particles that escape the mechanical filtration by making them too heavy to stay airborne.

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4. SilverOnyx


SilverOnyx took a leaf out of more popular brands and made an air purifier that is both aesthetic and innovative at the same time.

As the purifier took cues from already established players, the air purifier features 5 stages of filtration that offer a foolproof kind of protection against airborne contaminants and odors.

The pre-filter is the first line of defense, and it traps larger particles like human hair, pet fur, large dust specks, etc. The H13 HEPA filter that follows can filter out the tiniest odor-causing particles and allergens.

The SilverOnyx air purifier features an activated carbon filter for handling litter box odors. This filter can efficiently handle dangerous chemicals, VOCs, and litter box odors.

As the 4th stage of filtration, the ionizer uses negative ions to ensure that no harmful substances stay airborne as the electrostatic charge makes them too heavy to stay airborne.

Any microbes that escape these stages face UV-C light that degenerates their DNA sequences, thereby killing them. SilverOnyx has packed power in a compact package and the manufacturer claims that it can cycle the air in a 500 sq. ft. space 5 times an hour.

The low CADR says otherwise and while it might not meet the 5 ACH rating, it is a worthy purifier that can be placed around the litter box for effective results.

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5. GermGuardian AC4300 True HEPA

GermGuardian AC4300 True HEPA

The GermGuardian True brings the prowess of a 5-stage filtration system that will solve all your odor problems, whether they be from the litter box or wildfire smoke.

The GG True was designed with portability and purification in mind, evident from the tower-like design that looks aesthetic and functional.

This excellent purifier from GermGuardian made it into the list thanks to its Pet Pure filter, which has a special coating that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This is effective as the pre-filter is also infused with charcoal and is adept at handling odors.

The pre-filter neutralizes odors and takes care of larger particles like pet dander, pet hair, dust specks, and other airborne contaminants. The activated carbon coating also takes care of dangerous chemicals and VOCs that can become airborne by having pets and litter boxes inside.

True HEPA filter then filters particles down to a size of 0.3 microns with a 99.97% accuracy. This helps eliminate most odor-causing. The UV-C light destroys any leftover microbes by damaging their DNA. This makes the air odor-free while also helping solve the issue of mold building on filters.

The air purifier is great for odor elimination but lacks air quality sensors and auto mode. Nevertheless, the purification prowess is enough to cover up to 180 square feet of space efficiently, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for an odor-eliminating air purifier for your litter box room.

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Will an air purifier get rid of the cat urine smell?

If cleaning up has not solved the problem and you have ruled out medical issues, an air purifier that deals well with VOCs is a good tool for eliminating pet odors. Some air purifiers are very good at removing or destroying VOCs, while some barely do anything with VOCs.

Can you put an air purifier in the bathroom?

Yes, many air purifiers feature a sleek design and are less than 10 inches tall, which will easily fit your bathroom shelves. For the bathroom, you should always look for an air purifier with carbon filters that can handle odors.


Using an effective air purifier for litter odors can significantly improve indoor air quality by removing airborne pollutants like cat litter dust, pet dander, and common allergens while also caring for the foul odors.

Allergy sufferers and sensitive people can benefit greatly from them as they act as an effective purifiers for allergies. If you’re looking for the best-rated air purifier, the list above has all the top contenders and information you need to rid your home of awful odors.