AZEUS Air Purifier Review: 7 Stage Filteration (Sanitizer & Ionizer)

Finding the right air purifier is difficult; with so many different manufacturers and models on offer, it can be outright confusing. Where some air purifiers are efficient against odors, others are better at tackling particulate matter. What if an air purifier packed all the different filtration technologies into one easy-to-use case? AZEUS air purifier is claiming just that and boasts a whopping 7 stage filtration system.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the AZEUS 7-in-1 air purifier and see if it makes good on its promises.

Filteration StagesPower ConsumptionArea CoverageProduct Weight
560W1080 sq. ft. 12.3 lbs

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AZEUS 7 Stage Air Purifier Review

The AZEUS 7-Stage air cleaner brings a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon and VOC absorber, formaldehyde adsorption particles, and an anti-bacterial treatment phase to ensure no indoor pollutants or common allergens make their way to you. AZEUS promises complete protection against dust, mold, smoke, odor, allergens, and pet fur.


The GL-FS32 7-in-1’s design is not groundbreaking as AZEUS has opted for a boxy design that uses all sides for air intake. The purifier is only offered in white color and the vents at the bottom feed the air into the rectangular body. The boxy design might look boring but has safety features built into it, an open plastic cover will not allow the air purifier to function and requires the whole case to be properly closed.

The top of the air purifier features the button array and allows you to toggle power, timer, ionizer, and fan speeds. The button panel is illuminated depending on the air quality, the whole panel lights up blue for good, green for moderate, and red for poor air quality.


Every manufacturer claims a lot and many a time their products fall short of expectations. AZEUS leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring good indoor air quality. The filtration starts with the pre-filter that traps large particles like hair, pet fur, etc. Dust particles and minute particles like pet dander, microbes, smoke particles, and other airborne pollutants are trapped by the true HEPA filter that follows. The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) states that HEPA filters can safely trap particles down to a size of 0.3 microns with an accuracy of 99.97%.

7 Stage Filteration System

While most airborne allergens and pollutants are filtered at this stage, odors and certain VOCs can escape it. The activated carbon filter that follows the HEPA filter filters off odors, VOCs, toxic chemicals, and other harmful chemical compounds. AZEUS has opted for formaldehyde absorption particles that use chemical adsorption (forming a thin layer) to trap harmful chemicals like formaldehyde that are normally found around beauty products or in nail salons.

Formaldehyde is a known lung irritant and can even lead to birth defects according to the CDC, and seeing that this purifier has a dedicated filtration stage for it deserves appreciation.

While AZEUS does not provide specifics about the anti-bacterial treatment, the air is passed an antimicrobial substance after the activated carbon filter before being passed into the UV-C chamber where UV-C lights destroy the microbial DNA.

As the last line of defense, the AZEUS UV-C Air purifier also features an ionizer that has an ozone-free design to help combat small particles. The ionizer releases negative ions into the air that cling onto small particles, making them too heavy to stay airborne. While this may increase the visible dust around the indoor space as the heavy particles settle down, it is easily handled by the pre-and HEPA filters.


AZEUS rates the air purifier as fit to filter up to 1080 sq. ft., but to be on the safer side it can be assumed that the HEPA air purifier can filter indoor air in a 540 sq. ft. setting 5 times an hour.

Smart Features

AZEUS Air Purifier Review

The AZEUS True-HEPA air purifier packs a plethora of smart features starting with the smart air quality sensor that detects the air quality and adjusts the fan speed automatically. There are 3 different fan speeds that can be selected using the remote control or the on-body button on the top. The top lighting is also controlled by the air quality data from the air quality sensor. When the air purifier needs a filter replacement, all four segments light up.

The UV-C feature can be toggled on or off through the remote controller. If left on auto, the UV-C light automatically goes off after 4 hours. The ionizer can also be disabled if needed, the purifier does not produce ozone pollution and is certified by the EPA.

Power Consumption and Noise

The 7-in-1 air purifier only consumes 60W at the maximum settings. The fan is quiet at the lowest settings and the power draw is minimal (19W). At 2 and 3 fan speeds the unit can get loud, so don’t expect the same whisper-quiet treatment that you get in sleep mode.

The unit is the loudest when air quality is bad and will keep consuming maximum power until the contamination levels drop down within safe limits.

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Considering the filtration process, the AZEUS GL-FS32 Air Purifier is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and would make a great gift for parents. It is available on AZEUS’s official website, and numerous redistributors, but if you don’t want to share your credit card details on some random website can get the purifier to your doorstep through Amazon in no time. Amazon fulfillment can get the product to you on the same day in select regions.

If you’re looking for an air purifier that can deal with respiratory problems, allergic reactions, asthma, etc., and covers even large spaces then the AZEUS GL-FS32 7-in-1 Air Purifier can be the perfect option for you.