Air Purifiers Made in the USA

Air purifiers are the need of the hour as world air pollution levels are exhibiting an upward trend. Thankfully, there are excellent USA-made air purifiers out there that offer medical-grade filtration so you don’t have to worry about indoor air pollutants and can live your life to the fullest. Most air purifiers, like everything else, are being manufactured in China, but there are a few that are made in the USA and can bring significant advantages to the table.

Air purifiers made in the USA offer effective protection against contaminants and have years of research backing them. They offer efficient performance, medical-grade filters, and have excellent customer service to make sure your experience is not hampered. Also, USA-made air purifier manufacturers know the local air the best, which ensures better air quality and peace of mind.

The Best Air Purifiers Made in the USA

The best air purifiers made in the USA come from quality manufacturers; the list includes:

  • Alen
  • Austin Air Systems
  • Honeywell
  • Kwikool
  • Oransi
  • Enviroklenz
  • Purafil

These manufacturers have products that are completely made in the USA and some that are just assembled in the USA. Each manufacturer has brought its own flavor of innovation to the table, and all of them offer excellent quality products fit for even healthcare facilities.


The Alen BreatheSmart series is widely in use and is highly rated by users. Alen advertises the series as adept at handling even wildfire smoke and with a high air exchange rate coupled with a quiet motor, it is one of the best air purifier series out there. Alen has a combination of TRUE HEPA, activated carbon, and other such filters that make it hard to overlook for both residential and commercial purposes. The manufacturer has a long list of products to suit everyone’s needs.

The top models from Alen include:

  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i – Best for VOCs, odors, and smoke; covers 1300 sq. ft.
  • Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier – Best for pet odors and heavy smoke; covers 700 sq. ft.
  • Alen T500 – Best for small areas up to 500 sq. ft. of space

Austin Air

Austin Air HealthMate plus series offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. The Austin air bedroom machine is one of the quietest air purifiers out there for residential use. Most Austin air purifier products offer night mode for minimal lights and quiet operation. The durable finish, efficient motor technology, and variable fan speeds make it a great manufacturer. Like other manufacturers, Austin Air offers air purifiers that employ a mix of different filters and different models have different stages of filtration to ensure you get clean air all the time.  

The top models include:

  • Austin Air HealthMate Standard B400B1 – Best for 360-degree protection against all irritants, including VOCs, wildfire smoke, pet dander, and even COVID-19
  • Austin Air HealthMate Standard Air Purifier B400A1 – Best for nighttime allergies and reducing coughing
  • Austin Air Helathmate Plus A450A1 – Best for reducing nausea and headaches due to chemical inhalation


Honeywell has an air purifier for every room and need. The list of air purifiers from Honeywell is endless, and all pack excellent features and air purifying prowess. Honeywell, contamination removal rate, is one of the best out there, and most products also carry an energy star rating. Honeywell has both small and large-sized air purifiers with some models offering HEPA filters while others also throwing in the UV sanitization of particles. It includes:

  • Honeywell HPA100 – Ideal for medium-sized rooms of 155 sq. ft.
  • Honeywell HPA200 – ideal for large-sized rooms of 310 sq. ft.
  • Honeywell HPA300 – ideal for extra-large rooms of more than 500 sq. ft.

All the products feature filters that can filter the air up to 99.97%.


KwiKool air purifiers are made in Houston. The proprietary BioKool technology filters bacteria and other harmful particles from the air while also disinfecting the containment units. This purifier is best for the places like schools or health care centers where airborne contaminants are high. The combination of 4-inch thick HEPA, the carbon filters, and the high static blower (all standard on all BioKool products from KwiKool) ensure clean airflow and medical-grade performance. 

  • KwiKool® BIOair™ KBA600 – Excellent for commercial usage duct-able design up to 600 CFM
  • KwiKool® BIOair™ KBA1000 – Excellent for commercial usage duct-able design up to 850 CFM

Both these commercial grade purifiers use a combination of 4-inch thick HEPA, carbon filters, and a high static blower for efficient purification.


Oransi products are manufactured in Texas, and the Oransi EJ120 HEPA Air Purifier is one of the best house air purifiers on the market. Indoor air quality is not an issue as Oransi air purifiers pack a ton of innovative features and technology that can filter out almost all airborne pollutants thanks to the combination of pre-filter, carbon filter, and HEPA filters in most of their products. If VOCs and odors are an issue, the Oransi activated carbon-based air purifiers are a great option.

The top models include:

  • Oransi EJ120 – Ideal for dust, smoke, asthma, pets, allergies and delivering up to 384 CFM
  • Oransi Max HEPA – Ideal for allergies and delivering up to 220 CFM


Enviroklenz air purifiers are made in the USA and are designed for both commercial use as well as residential use. Most air purifiers in their lineup feature a HEPA filter that is a high-efficiency particulate air filter. HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient. The manufacturer adds chemically-treated carbon filters, ionizers, and electrochemical oxidation systems to the mix to achieve excellent results. Customers concerned about energy consumption can also rest as Enviroklenz also offers models with energy star certification.

The best Enviroklenz model is:

  • EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Plus – Offers Medical grade protection against all air contaminants; covers 1000 sq. ft.


Purafil air purifiers are made in Georgia. These air purifiers are best for removing the odors and killing the toxic bacteria and viruses from the air, thanks to their thick activated carbon filters. By its efficient results, it is best for any commercial use. You can buy any of its models from its official site.

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Air Purification for a Better Life

According to studies, global air contamination levels are seeing an upward trend. People are forced to live a life of compromise and are incurring thousands of dollars in medical expenses due to it. A high-quality air purifier can filter out pollen particles, noxious gases, organic compounds and can treat contaminants at a molecular level. While some air purifiers filter out everyday pollutants, advanced ones go an extra mile and employ a 3 or 4-stage filter. This reduces the cost of replacement filters as it extends the filter life by installing a pre-filter in front of the more important HEPA and charcoal filters. 

The USA, like the rest of the world, was badly hit by the coronavirus, and people have started taking air quality more seriously. American scientists believe that air purifiers can filter contaminants, including harmful bacteria up to 99.97%. In the USA, air purifier sales are at an all-time high, according to reports. People are preferring air purifiers in their workplaces and houses and are more inclined towards air purifiers made in the USA.

Some of the manufacturers offer a HEPA air purifier, some tackle the airborne allergens with carbon filtration, while others use a combination of installed filters to offer top-notch performance and durability.


If odors and VOCs are a concern, all the above-mentioned manufacturers offer excellent air purifiers with carbon filters and activated carbon filters. On the other hand, if particulate matter is high in the surrounding air, then a HEPA filter with a Pre-Filter configuration can go a long way in ensuring you get a clean supply of air.

Almost all air purifiers made in the USA bring the advantage of an improved air purification system as the manufacturers can assess the local changes in the air and offer improvements that are meaningful and add to the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, there are aesthetically pleasing options that can add to the overall look and feel of your space.