7 Best Medical Grade Air Purifier in 2023

best medical grade air purifier

Medical-grade air purifiers can filter out at least 99.97% of airborne contaminants, allergens, and respiratory irritants and even neutralize odors. They offer hospital-grade protection that makes them perfect for people with severe allergies or medical conditions. But with so many different types of air purifiers out there, it can be not easy to choose one … Read more

Best Air Purifier For 3D Printer in 2023

Best Air purifier for 3D printers

3D printing has recently become a very popular hobby thanks to commercially available 3D printers. But many hobbyists are unaware of the toxic fumes, dangerous VOCs, and ultrafine particles that are spread into the air during 3D printing. Industrial 3d printers utilize extensive ventilation and filtration systems to deal with these toxins and VOCs. These … Read more

Best Air Purifier For Grow Room in 2023

best air purifier for grow room

Grow rooms can become quite smelly and for some crops like cannabis, odors can be unbearable. Grow rooms also run the risk of getting infected with molds and fungi and unwanted pollen.  An air purifier employed with a HEPA filter can get rid of the Molds and fungi easily but odors and chemicals pass through … Read more

5 Best Air Purifier for Eczema in 2023

Atopic dermatitis a.k.a Eczema can be very annoying, and periodic flare-ups can hamper your social life. Despite all the advancements in technology and medicine, researchers are still divided regarding allergies. Thankfully, there is a simple solution that doesn’t have any side effects. Numerous studies have pointed out the efficiency of air filtration and purification against … Read more

5 Best Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combo in 2023

dehumidifier air purifier combo

If you live in an area where humidity levels can nosedive while the particulate matter levels are still high, you’d know all about the health hazards such a combination can bring. For those who don’t, alarmingly high or low humidity levels with a high concentration of PM2.5 particles can aggravate allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. … Read more

Winix Air Purifier Red Light

Winix air purifiers have always been commended for their air purifying prowess and rightly so, Winix has new excellent models on offer. But if your Winix air purifier is displaying a red light and has got you worried, you’re in the right place. Most Winix Air Purifiers come equipped with specialized sensors and chances are … Read more

Best Air Purifiers for 800 Square Feet 2023

Best Air Purifiers for 800 Square Feet

Air quality worldwide has been experiencing a downward trend, and active air-cleaning devices are at an all-time high. But do you need to use an air purifier or active air purification if you have a large room, say 800 sq. ft.? Air purifiers are nifty little devices that can easily handle most airborne contaminants, ensuring … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Take Air Purifiers?

do pawn shops take air purifiers

Air Purifiers can be pawned at pawn shops, but not always. So, calling your local pawn shop before visiting them is always better. As of 2023, air purifier sales are 2-7% of the global consumer appliance market, 2-7 of every 100 consumer appliances sold globally. Air Purifiers are becoming a staple household appliance, and household … Read more

How to fix Levoit Air Purifier if it does not turn on?

levoit air purifier won't turn on

Levoit purifier is an excellent gadget for air purification. However, as with all electronic devices, it can develop certain technical issues that can lead to trouble when turning it on. The issues can sometimes be little human errors or serious and require professional help. Thankfully Levoit is one of the most durable brands out there, … Read more